2019 – Missing Link Summary

2019 Missing Link

2019 was NOT the year I had planned it to be- it was quite the opposite- I felt like the universe was writing my story and I was no longer the author.

The 2018 summary was this long post- full of success stories and overcoming everything the universe threw at me but this 2019 summary is just going to be short and sweet because I see no need in reliving such a failure of a year.

As far as my weight- I started off 2019 great and got down to a huge goal number on March 1st– just a couple days before I turned 41 years old- the scale showed 299 lbs!

I was on top of the world and ready to take on the world…but first…a cheat day to celebrate my birthday. That cheat day turned into a month- which then turned into 8 months of struggle and weight gain. Nothing I did could help get me back to where I was in 2018 and it seems the more weight I gained, the less I cared.

Month after month, watching that scale creep up about 10 lbs a month until I finally just stopped weighing myself because I couldn’t face it.

While 2019 was terrible year for weight loss- it was an amazing year to be a band dad. I got to watch my 13 year old middle school kid become a part of the high school marching band and his talent completely blew me away.

We became true band parents- going to every show and becoming a part of the “pit crew” – which means we helped push the heavy stuff on and off the field and really got to know a lot of the awesome band kids.

Everything about 2019 was amazing…except the one thing I needed to focus on.

Hopefully I can get that one thing right in 2020.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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