Wealth or Love

Would you rather would be wealthy but never fall in love, or be poor with the love of your life?
This seems like another pretty easy one since Im already poor with the love of my life.

Its hard to really think about this question due to the point of life Im already at- I wouldnt trade the love of my life for any amount of money because Ive been with here for 17 years now and fully understand that she is more important than money.

If I was asked this question as a young man- long before I met her- the answer would probably be different. If you are wealthy, you can just buy pretend love and I probably would have went with that- if I didnt know what I know now.

As of today- I would always go with being poor with the love of your life because Ive experienced it for 17 years so far and its been pretty amazing.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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