Pyure Organic Brownies

This month’s Keto Krate has a brownie mix and that is one of my biggest weaknesses…I love brownies!!

The wife and I have tried several times to make a version of Sharketo brownies but they just never turn out right so I didn’t really have high hopes for these.

The instructions were so easy even I could do it…alone…so that was pretty impressive.

There isn’t a lot to really say- these things were AMAZING! Yes, they still have a slight after taste, like most keto foods but these were as close to the real thing as we’ll ever get and I’m OK with that.

The cool stuff, like these brownies, from the Keto Krate box are usually ridiculous when it comes to price but I found this on Amazon for $9.99….and yes, $10 for a pan of brownies is a bit insane but I would have to say- worth it in the long run.

These are something you would have once a month or so just to still be able to enjoy brownies.

The package says it makes 11 servings but you can’t cut brownies into 11 servings- that is insane. I would go with 9, which ups the netcarbs a bit but should still fit into most macros.

Try not to eat the entire pan in one night though…trust me…it’s harder than you think! These things were delicious!!!

I would definitely recommend these and I’ll be ordering some a few times a year just to make my life a little more enjoyable.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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