Video Games or Playing Outside

Would you rather play video games or play outside with your friends? (video games or outside)

I think some of these really depends on who you are asking- their sex, age and situation in life.

At this point in my life I would rather play video games because I don’t really have “friends” and I don’t play outside…honestly…even when I was younger and had friends that played outside- I would have still rather played video games because I’m a loner.

I remember growing up in the projects and I would have some amazing summer nights playing baseball in the big circle of Crescent Drive or, as a teenager, playing flashlight tag until 11pm in the neighborhood.

Even as awesome as those days/nights were…if given the choice, I would always decide to play Super Mario on my NES and something on the first Playstation.

Even now- I’d rather play video games than go out “for a drink” or something like that- it’s just who I am.

AND…when I say I don’t have “friends”- I have a ton of people that I care about and consider friends but, in context to this question, I don’t really have anyone that I would go out and “play or hang out” with because that just isn’t something I do.

I have a full schedule from the time I get up until the moment I go to sleep almost every day and if I have any free time, it’s usually because my wife had to work a Saturday and I don’t really do anything without her because she’s my best friend.

Soooo…all that to pick playing video games.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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