Year Of The Shark

I’m sure you’ve seen folks use the #BeastMode or say something like that- usually named Karen, posting about her trip to Wal-Mart, wearing her “workout clothes”…drinking her Mocha Carmel Frappe Latte Macchiato Venti Whole Milk Peppermint mud water…who doesn’t actually have a gym membership or a way to even workout….that Wal-Mart trip WAS the workout. You know, the one that is a “stay at home mom” yet her kids are in high school and rarely even home…the one that is always busy and posts about “thank god it’s Friday” as if that means something to her…


…that’s why I use #SharkMode.

#SharkMode is a very specific zone I get into, where I focus and keep myself busy and everything just falls into place. I have no “down time” and I like it that way- even if it’s putting a puzzle together or playing a video game. (Never stop swimming.)

I was in #SharkMode for most of 2018 and I really feel like I’m getting back into it…finally…after about a year trying to get there.

Yesterday- I shaved my head and got to work on time. I walked both breaks and lunch. I got home and did my bike, boxing and some kettlebells. I spent about 2 hours working on Commons4Kids stuff and even got in some Fortnite before hoping in the bed to snuggle with my amazing wife and watch some “fat people” shows on TLC until I fell asleep.

I stayed busy all day long, got my fasting in and had a healthy keto dinner and snack.

Yesterday, I hit #SharkMode and truly felt it…I felt freaking amazing.

All that…just to say this…this is MY Facebook and I probably use it a bit differently than most do- I post stuff I like, I’ve written, promotion and just stuff I want to easily find later. I’m fully aware of how Facebook works and how the “behind the scenes” stuff works…most of you guys don’t even see everything I post. I would guess that about 75% of what I post is for me- not you.

I decided at the end of 2019 that 2020 was going to be the “YearOfTheShark ….I don’t care what China says.

There are three people that matter this year-

1. My son

2. My wife

3. Myself

You may be family…hell, I may even like you…but you don’t really matter all that much unless those three people are taken care of….then, if I have time…I’ll deal with you.

I spent most of 2019 watching news and getting more and more depressed- I was the guy that got asked “so what’s going on with this….” Because that’s all I did. All day at work, during workouts, working on cards or even playing video games….I had the news on and, mentally, that fucking wrecked me.

That shit isn’t GONNA change…it HAS changed.

In 2018, I had that “cocky Sharky” mentality and I lost that in 2019 but I’m already focused on getting it back…that is #SharkMode.

Yep…I’m basically saying that I need to be a bigger asshole than I already am. I need to focus on me- that’s when I’m happiest and most successful. I was too focused on the entire planet and how it’s about done. I need to focus on me and being happy…until…you know…we blow up the planet.

I don’t post stuff for “likes”…I never have…I honestly don’t give a shit if anyone likes what I post or even enjoys anything about me.

As with most things I write- this has been all over the place and could have just as easily been said in a few sentences but that isn’t what I do.

One final thing…I am NOT just Sharketo. Sharketo is simply a “way of eating” and once you get into that habit and it becomes second nature, you sort of lose your motivation and that is what I’m focused on NOT doing. I need to always be focused on something and once you get into the full swing of Sharketo and it just falls into place…then what?

My social media and webpage will NEVER just be one thing…I’m more than a guy on keto.

I love writing and there is only so many ways you can write about keto once you get the basics down so my stuff will always cover a wide range of things I’m into…which is one reason I’ll never be “internet famous” because the number one thing you hear is “focus on a specific area”…and I am….that specific area is me.

I probably lose keto followers when I post about video games and I probably lose video game followers when I post about weight loss…and I know I lose “friends” when I say words like…fuck. :O

Because the word “fuck” is what is wrong with the world today…haven’t you fucking heard? Maybe I should just focus on getting the world to stop saying fuck…then we could all hold hands and sing about Pepsi or Coke or whichever soda it was that promoted world peace through sugary, acid filled drinks.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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