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Why Sharketo?

Long story short- I’ve tried to lose weight my entire life- from middle school (when my coach yelled at me for it because I was supposed to be big to block) all the way to this very day.

I’ve been successful a few times. The first time, I was counting calories and was miserable and the second time was on keto and I felt amazing…but I let life get the better of me.

Sharketo is just a rebranding of lazy keto basically.

I’ve been on keto 10 days now and I’m down 16 lbs and feel amazing. The weight loss is great…but the main part there is “feel amazing”.

Keto has a way of helping you clear you head and get motivated in other aspects of life. While there are a ton of other ways to successfully be healthy and lose weight- I honestly don’t think there is a better “overall healthy life style” than keto- based on all the other aspects and not just weight loss.

When you’ve been on it for a while and been listening to your body- then you know when you screw up and you know when you get right back in it because your body tells you. When I binge eat- I’m miserable, depressed, sluggish, lazy and shitty- in general.

BUT….when I get back on it, I start feeling better and the bloating goes away and about 3-5 days into it…you hit a high.

I’m there now.

Tons of energy and so many ideas to just tackle.

The feeling is amazing and- it helps prove just how addicted to food I am- because I screw up and trade this feeling for that temporary high of eating “bad food” and then get myself back into the miserable area again and I honestly have no clue why I do that.

That is the part I’m trying to focus on now- I’m fully into ketosis and feel amazing…sooo…what’s going to hit me that confuses me to think that the a bag of Oreos is worth trading this feeling for that old feeling?

I fully understand its addiction and there isn’t a logical reason it happens…I just need to be ready for when it hits and be able to get through it because I know that one screw up will led to several wasted months and I just don’t have extra time to throw away.

Keto is so much more than just weight loss and I need to understand that too- with these daily weigh ins- because this “1 lb a day” is going to stop soon and may even go up.

It’s not about my weight and it’s not about the scale. It’s about enjoying life- being motivated in all areas and having the energy and eagerness to change the world.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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