Keep Fighting

Awesome weekend…but at the same time…terrible weekend.

Lost all the momentum and motivation almost instantly- the weekend continues to kick my ass every single week. I plan for it and try to catch it or fight it but I lose that battle time and time again.

But- today is Monday and I’ve got everything set to succeed and I usually do pretty amazing on weekdays.

I should build up and start feeling amazing again around Thursday- just in time for another battle with the weekend. As of right now, we have nothing planned so we should be able to cook at home and I should be able to stay busy enough to make it through….even though I fail every single weekend- I’m still getting back up swinging so there’s hope.

I think if I can get through one weekend, I should be good.

Tonight is PACKED- I gotta get my workout in, then take a shower because we are taking our son to the WWE Raw show at Rupp Arena so it’s a tight schedule but I will get it in- no excuses.

I’m planning to kill it with the fasting and workouts this week and research daily for ways to fight the weekend and try to get through it without destroying all the work I put in during the week.

I get so tired of fighting sometimes though and it gets worse when the rest of the world doesn’t fully understand addiction and the relationship some people have with food- it reminds me of YouTuber Boogie2988.

Boogie has been obese most of his life and has a terrible relationship with food and he’s documented most of his attempts to lose weight. He keeps trying and trying- regardless of failing- and he documents it for others to see the struggle but you always have those assholes that say stuff like “you keep saying you’re going to do it but never do!”

I hear people say shit like “just do it and stop talking about it” but addiction doesn’t work that way- you can’t just “do” it- it’s a lifelong battle and it needs to be talked about because so many people are fighting and they feel like they are fighting alone- if you aren’t in the battle, then you don’t have to listen to it.

Instead of attacking for someone for their failures- encourage them because they haven’t given up yet.

I don’t think people understand how hard it is to get back up- when you know you just binged and basically screwed up an entire week in only a day or two- yet you get back up to continue fighting…and realizing the entire time that your rough spots are going to come right back around and you may lose everything you fought for all over again.

Yet…we continue.

As long as someone is talking about fighting and getting better- there is hope that it will happen- hope is only lost when you stop fighting…you stop planning you attack and you stop talking about it.

Keep talking. Keep fighting.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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