7 Crackhouse Drive

Screwed up on Friday with some brownies and chocolate milk…which turned into a weekend of screwing up- as usual- but I only gained 2 lbs.

Quickly recovered, back at it yesterday with a more intense workout- less cardio, more boxing and heavier weights.

I’m still about 2 lbs ahead of where I should be to meet short and long term goals.

I know it’s early but I haven’t missed a goal yet- I hit my December goal for the month, then my goals on 01.06.2020 and 01.13.2020.

I’ve set my goal/weigh day for Monday- thinking it would help me focus more on the weekend knowing that I have to be accountable for what I do and don’t have time to “recover” before I face the scale.

Basically my goal is to drop 3.5 lbs per week- which is highly doable with a monthly goal of 14 lbs.

While I’m still a tiny bit ahead- I gotta realize that another screw up and it will be enough to put me behind and once you get behind, you have a much harder time of getting back on track.

I also understand that Sharketo is more than just a number on a scale…however…that is how I stay focused. I’m fine with that number staying the same or even only going down very slowly but there can’t be anymore long term rises- an “up” fluctuation is normal but shouldn’t be an overall trend when you look at the numbers by week/month and you usually know if you are doing what you should or not- which tells you if that is a true gain or just random body adjustments.

So- what’s the plan for this weekend and how did I screw up so bad last weekend?

The plan needs to be staying at home more and cooking. When we go out “shopping”- it leads to eating out which leads to seeing all the bad stuff in stores and just losing it; like sending a crackhead into a store that sells everything…including said crack and expecting them to NOT get some crack. A crackhead has a better chance of not using crack if they aren’t around crack…it’s really pretty simple.

The problem is- crack isn’t just everywhere like food is…I can’t even drive to work without passing a McDonalds, Subway, Burger King, Little Caesars, Taco Bell, Huddle House and a future Arbys.

How many crackhouses must a crackhead pass before he cracks for crack?

Looks like 7.

I do think that changing my weight lifting days to Tues, Thurs and Saturday may work best and doing kettlebell, cardio and maybe some DDP yoga on Mon, Wed and Fri will work for me a bit better. It always seems like Mondays and Fridays are the weirdest days- as far as my schedule but Tuesday and Thursdays are normally standard.

Saturdays are days we usually go out and do stuff but I should always have an hour to do my workout AND it may help me stay in and not screw up as much.

Sunday is sort of a rest day- in Spring/Summer it’s mowing/yard work day.

Also- stop talking shit about fat people skipping or going light on leg day- every damn day is leg day when you have to lift and carry 300-400 lbs….trust me.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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