2nd Dinner

It’s very important to admit you failed and then figure out why you failed.

My problem has been going “too extreme”- when I’m really into Sharketo- I’m walking 60 mins 5 days a week, doing 3 days of weight lifting and 2 days of cardio/boxing and trying to do that on 1200 calories or so…then I end up so hungry that if someone just mentions pizza- I binge.

If I’m not trying, then I just eat all the bad food…which also makes me hungry to eat more bad food and just gain and gain.

I’ve tried the “One Meal A Day” thing but if you are eating healthy, it’s actually very hard to get 1600-1800 calories or more into one meal.

I’ve tried the 20/4 but when I do that, I basically eat a meal and a snack and it just doesn’t work either.

As with everything I’ve done- nothing fits me…nothing that is pre-set really works for me.

So…..as with all things Sharketo….screw what has been “set” by others; I’m doing my own thing.

Most of the intermediate fasting stuff is either 20/4 or 22/2 but neither of those works for me…so I’m going for 21/3.

I’m planning on having 2 meals within those 3 hours- around 5:30pm and 7:30pm but giving myself a window from 5-8pm to be flexible.

I’m going to shoot for 1600 calories per day actual food- limit the SF candy and Atkins type bars.

The other problem is that my marriage is basically 50/50- we split everything, we’re a team…and that means dinner as well and that just doesn’t work and it’s taken me 17 years to figure that out. I way more than my wife and do way more exercise so we can’t just make dinner- split it- and each have the same amount of calories.

It’s hard for a fat guy to say “I’m not eating enough” but it’s facts- I can’t find my sweet spot…I binge or I go to light…which leads to binging.

I’m adding a 2nd dinner- that sounds pretty awesome to a fat guy that loves food- upping my snack to a full blown meal.

Roughly 800 calories, 65g of fat, 40g of protein and as little carbs as possible- not going over 7.5g per meal. (Shooting for under 15g of carbs per day- not counting veggies)

MACROS should be around 5%/75%/20%- I need to do this for several months until I can feel I’m fat adapted and then start upping the protein and lowering the fat to around 5%/65%/30%.

I gotta change up and do something I haven’t done before and that’s eat more healthy food.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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