Never Give Up

I’ll quit when I’m dead.

Since starting to get serious about weight loss back in 2018, I’ve wanted to motivation to someone else…I’ve wanted to lose a ton of weight- write about it, share the research I’ve found and the stuff I’ve learned and put it all out there for free- in a nice little package so folks that are in the situation I was in can go- see everything I learned and not have to learn it again.

Fact is…it’s been over 2 years and I’m still learning and I haven’t been fully successful yet but I knew it would take a while to really get to where I wanted to be so I gave myself 3 years to get there.

The one thing I can be an example of RIGHT NOW…at this moment…is not giving up.

I’ve tried to lose weight most of my life and been successful a few times but I have yet to give up. I make screw up for days or even months but there is some point where I get up and attack it again.

Regardless of everything- I’m still 63 lbs down overall and know exactly how to get where I want.

I screwed up last weekend but now I’m back to where I was before the weekend…yet here we are again…a day away from another weekend.

Don’t get me wrong- I fully understand that starting/stopping keto over and over is WORSE than just giving up and not trying and, while I understand that, I also know that keto has worked amazing for me and it’s the only time I’ve been successful and happy and- even though I screwed up a ton- I haven’t gained all the weight back. I’m still 15 lbs down for the year and still ahead of where I need to be.

Keto works for me- all the way around- which is why I keep trying to get my shit together. It’s all a mental fight right now- nothing else.

So- until I reach my goal and can be motivation for others- at least understand that I’m fighting until I literally die and that should motivate someone.

I lost 140 lbs, then gained back over half of that- most people would just give up because- honestly- that’s pathetic and sad…but I haven’t.

I don’t want a “good job” or slap on the back- I want obese folks to see that and understand that no matter how far you have come- it’s never over. I want obese people to see that and realize that it doesn’t matter how much you’ve screwed up or how much weight you’ve gained…you gotta get right back up the next day with a plan of attack and try again.

Like everything else I write, I’m sure this is just non-sense to most but I have to have “tunnel vision”- all I need to see is #DosVeinte and everything I do needs to get me closer to that and if what I do today gets me farther from that, then I need to quickly recover and continue moving towards that goal.

So- this weekend-

Cook food at home

Stay away from triggers

Stay home

Stay busy

Get a great workout in on Saturday

Drink tons of water

Eat a lot of healthy fat

A lot of the stuff I write is repetitive but that is because I need to pound this stuff into my head- DAILY. The plan of attack is always the same but it won’t become a habit unless you literally do it- daily- over and over- until it becomes natural.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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