Scales Lie

Here is a nice contradiction for you- I weigh myself daily- the number on the scale doesn’t mean shit.

It’s that simple- too many people are focused on that number (myself included, at times) but it really doesn’t mean anything and it’s rarely truthful.

I’ve did perfect yesterday- an hour of walking, some bike/boxing/weights and I ate perfectly and the scale said I gained 2 lbs from yesterday morning to this morning.

2 lbs gained….based on the numbers that so many people bullshit you with- that means that my body took in 7,000 calories without burning any.

That isn’t possible.

Yesterday, I had roughly 1500 calories and around 8g net carbs. I also burned a ton of calories with exercise and just living as a huge guy.

While the scale says my weight went up 2 lbs- it did not.

My shirt, that I wore last week, is already bigger on me and can wrap father around then it could.

This is why so many people give up a quit- we’ve been told that weight loss is simple math and if you burn more than you take in, the scale goes down.

I’ve determined- that was a lie.

I weigh myself so I can see my weights over a long term- a couple weeks or even a month and you will see that your weight constantly goes up and down- you can have a cheat day and lose weight or do amazing for a week and gain weight.

You can NOT let that number mean anything to you unless you see a consistent upwards over a longer period of time.

The old me would get aggravated (OK, I got a little aggravated) but the old me would have said SCREW THIS- if I’m going to gain 2 lbs then I’m going to eat those 7,000 calories to gain it honestly- of course then the scale would say way more gained than 2 lbs.

Trust me- do the math and eat 7,000 calories today and see if the scale goes up by only 2 lbs….I have literally DONE IT.

I’m saying to weigh daily and write it down and not worry about it for a couple of weeks and then go back and look at the ups and downs- you need to LEARN that the scale will go up from time to time- regardless of what you do. You need to learn that, while it’s frustrating, it literally means NOTHING.

The schedule is a daily liar that turns into truth when you look at the weeks/months of lies…

…nothing about weight loss makes sense- trust me.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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