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If you have been trying to do keto then you have probably heard of the new (sort of) Blaze Pizza Keto Crust! I say “sort of” because our local store has been one that you literally have to call ahead to see if they have the keto crust in stock because it was so popular- but thankfully- there was no issue in getting my hands on it this time.

My wife and I make an amazing Hammerhead Dough and it’s the closest thing to actual pizza as we can get and it’s pretty amazing- also works for cracker type chips for stuff like Buffalo Dip.

We’ve tried the “Real Good” Cauliflower crust pizza and it’s OK – it was better the first time we had it but then it seemed to start getting worse. The crust is usually floppy, has a weird taste and has the consistency of a sponge. All that and the price seems to keep going up- I think they are around $9 now.

The Blaze 11 inch keto pizza is $12 but it’s cooked for you, very convenient and you can literally put ALL the toppings you want on it- same price!

Another great thing about Blaze is that their website allows you to order ahead and you can create your own pizza and it breaks down the nutrition facts right there for you so you know exactly what you are getting.

I would like to add that I am not an affiliate of Blaze and have nothing to do with them- I’m just a fat guy trying to find a pizza that I can enjoy that won’t know me out of ketosis.

Like everything- there were some pros and cons- let’s look at the cons first.

I ordered the pizza and had the time set to be picked up at 6:30pm on a Friday night. The places was PACKED and the parking lot was full so getting in and out was a bit of a hassle. When I walked in, there was a massive line and I was afraid I would have to stand there in order to pick up my pizza- but to my surprise, they had a pick up shelf where you could just find your pizza and go.

Two problems though- this “shelf” wasn’t heated so the pizza was cold and there wasn’t anyone watching so I literally walked in, got the pizzas off the shelf and left without anyone even speaking to me. If I’m out one day and want a free pizza- could I just walk in with the hopes someone had ordered something online- take their pizza and head out?

We got that about 6:32pm-ish and the pizza was there but the box was literally cold- probably from setting on the shelf in the air conditioned restaurant…the box was literally cold. My receipt stated that they had cooked it at 6:15pm and since they are “fast fire’d” I wondered how long it took to actually cook- so I researched it and found that it takes 3 minutes! So they made the pizzas 15 minutes before I was to pick them up and then set them on an unheated shelf in air conditioning.

Add that all up and you get cold pizza.

Honestly though- that was about the only cons when it comes to Blaze- next time we will probably try to go in, wait and actually get a hot pizza.

Blaze states that the pizzas are 11-inch but when you pick keto crust, it then says 10 inch…but…what’s an inch matter- am I right ladies??

When we opened the pizza’s- they were beautiful and smelled pretty amazing as well.

We ordered one “normal” type pizza with pepperoni, bacon, onion and two different types of mozzarella cheese. We ordered a 2nd pizza with their white sauce, chicken, bacon, green peppers, onions and the two types of mozzarella.

My wife used got half – so we both had a full pizza.

The size was close to a small pizza- half and a salad would be good- even for a big guy like me. I ate the entire pizza was could have stopped with about 5 pieces- my wife had 2 pieces left over.

The problem is that you can get a HUGE pizza from those carb filled places for around $6 these days but you could really tell that Blaze uses better ingredients so I guess you get what you paid for.

I tried the pepperoni first because I really wanted to know what a “normal” pizza would taste like- it was pretty amazing honestly. It didn’t come close to a Pizza Hut pizza but it’s hard to replace delicious carbs with cauliflower and I understood that going into it.

It was better than the Real Good pizza’s that we get and had a great “pizza” taste- it tasted like pizza should taste so that was a huge plus for me. I think their trick is making the crust pretty thin so you don’t get that sponge like texture but it was also crispy and not not floppy like the Real Good.

We tried some crust without the toppings to get a real taste for it and it was actually really good.

I would have liked a little more sauce but that could have also added more carbs- I’ll be checking in on that for next time.

I highly suggest getting the 2nd type of mozzarella- Ovalini- because it’s clumps on each slice and really added to the fancy feel of it.

The chicken pizza was equally as good and their onions were amazing- not sure how they cook them but you could really taste the flavors.

I really got the feel of going out and picking up a couple of pizzas for a date night situation and I felt like I wasn’t dieting…plus I dropped 2 lbs this morning so the pizzas didn’t lead to any bloating.

Now to the important part- is it really keto? If you know me, you know that I do Sharketo- my own version of keto. The ingredients are pretty keto but you’ll always have those folks that like to argue. I like to base my keto on MACROs- so I’m posting screenshots for each pizza.

The pizza alone- at least the way we made them- are not perfect keto MACROS because the protein is higher than the fat but the carbs are down around 3g net carbs per slices- so 18g net carbs per entire pizza.

I try to keep my net carbs around 15-20g so it works pretty well for keto and one meal a day. Both pizzas were around the same-

1080 calories

72g fat

24g carb

6g fiber

18g net carb

84g protein

I’m sure we could find a way to up the fat a bit- which would also up the calories and this would be the perfect one meal a day keto meal.

Doing the half of a pizza and big salad would always work too as you would up your fat with dressing and cheese. (Yes…I eat cheese you Keto Nazi Scum.)

Both pizzas was around $25 which makes it a legitimate option when you are out, in a rush or having a special occasion/date night.

Everything in moderation.

Blaze is also a great tool to add to help you get that “cheat” feel without actually cheating.

Let’s recap-

CONS – cold, busy, not carb filled pizza

PROS – delicious, decent price, better ingredients, keto friendly…not carb filled pizza

Yes, “not carb filled pizza” is a pro and con because I love pizza but the crust is soooo bad for you so it’s a bigger pro but still not the same as real carb filled pizza.

I would give the entire experience a 8 out of 10 Fins- I think it would be better hot- maybe on a Tuesday afternoon so they aren’t so busy. It was probably as close to pizza we will ever get and still be able to stay in ketosis.

We will be getting them again and playing with their website to try to make the PERFECT keto MACRO pizza.

There is no doubt that it’s worth the money and trying it out for yourself.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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