17 Again

Struggling= yes.

Giving up= no.

The past couple of weekends have been fights that I’ve fought hard but lost overall. Actually last weekend was weird. I busted my ass all week to gain 2 lbs- stopped fighting on Sunday and Monday and then lost a pound by eating pizza.

So I honestly have no clue anymore.

I know I got back on track yesterday and I’m still fighting with another weekend just a couple of days away.

The best thing to do, at this point, is to looking at my weekly loss and where I am and should be.

I started 2020 at 392 lbs and I’m down to 376 lbs.

Week 1 – lost 13 lbs
Week 2 – gained 4 lbs (mostly water weight)
Week 3 – lost 4 lbs
Week 4 – lost 4 lbs

My goal for January was to be down to 374 lbs- I’m 2 lbs from that with 10 days to get there BUT a weekend in the middle of those days.

I’m pretty sure I’ll get to that goal but I would love to tackle February way ahead of where I need to be.

Couple of struggles early on but I’m still on track to hit 220/lose 220 by the end of 2020 but as the year goes on, screw ups will set me back further and further.

I need to focus on not getting so aggravated when that number goes up- if I’m doing what I know I should and I know I’m not cheating and following the plan- then the scale will eventually show that…I’ve done this long enough to KNOW that- I know the scale fluctuates but even after doing this for 2 years and weighing myself daily for a long time and fully understanding how the scale works- it still gets the better of me.

Not weighing daily isn’t an option because I let it get out of hand quickly if I’m not on top of it daily…when I get “afraid” of the scale, I gain massive weight.

I know I had a few rough spots in early 2018 and got through it….I’m fighting and will get through these.

The next 10 days is focused on losing at least 2 lbs and then attacking February as soon as possible- really hard to believe January 2020 is almost gone already.


Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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