1000 and 25

Yep. This is post number 1000!

I went to schedule a post this morning and it popped up and said I currently had 999 posts- everything from recipes to pure ignorance- all laced with misspelled words and worster grammar than anyone else on the internet.

Now- there have been way more than 1000 posts…believe me…but this is the 1000th post that is currently on this version of SharkysWorld!

I’ve had a version of SharkysWorld since 1995 when I created a stupid little site on GeoCities. I have had some form of this site for 25 years now and I’m not sure the exact date I started but since this is the 1000rh post- let’s just say that it’s also the 25th anniversary of SharkysWorld!

That’s it…January 29th is going to be the anniversary date from this day forward. I know the year was 1995 when I created it so let’s go with that.

Over that time I’ve changed it from being personal to writing to half naked chicks (Sharkettes) to everything else- it’s adapted and grown with me.

It’s currently focused on food addiction, weight loss and video gaming with tons of other little things thrown in- basically it’s MY world and everything in it. (Less focus on family because it’s just stupid to put a lot of family stuff on the internet…but there is even a few of that thrown in here and there.)

I plan to have a version of SharkysWorld until the day I die because it’s MINE- unedited and exactly what I want it to be. It’s my home on the internet where I have 100% control.

Back in 1995 I had all the Yahoo stuff like messenger and ICQ…then we moved to MySpace and Friendster and then on to Facebook and now onto Instagram and TikTok but ONE thing has always remained and that has been SharkysWorld- there has been some down time here and there but it’s always been the place that belonged to me.

I’ve deleted most of the people from my Facebook- only close friends and family and it will basically only be used to share personal stuff.

My home has always been SharkysWorld.com and it’s where everything gets posted…it is where I live on the internet.

We’ll always have a social media presence and you can find everything through Sharky Hitchens- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch…all of it.

SharkysWorld grows and adapts as I get older and, from time to time, I’ve cleaned the entire slate and started over- this version has been going strong for about 2.5 years and it’s really in a good place as far as where I want things.

A lot of people have been here for a very long time but I don’t think ANYONE has been here since day one- besides me- and that should really explain what the site is- it’s ME…while it’s out here for the world to see- it’s mine.

It’s my world.

So…let’s get to writing the next 1000 posts and start working on the next 25 years!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

UPDATE- had to screenshot it after this posted.

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