What Inspires Me

I want to be the story that inspires others. I want to be that example of someone that drops half of his body weight and overcomes the weight issues but I’m not there yet.

I may get there or I may die trying.

Honestly- inspiration is hard to find- you see tons of weight loss stories that simply turn out to be bullshit. Folks claiming they lost so much weight, only to find out they had weight loss surgery. Seeing advertising on TV of people dropping 20 lbs- as if that is something that will help a person in my situation.

There are VERY few people that inspire me- very few people that I can look at- read their story- and honestly get excited about my own journey.

Right now there are TWO that come to mind…two folks that I’ve never met in real life but I can jump on their Instagrams (and other social media) and just get inspired. I literally check these two folks out daily and reread their story and past posts to help motivate me that my goal is possible- I know it’s possible because there are people out there doing it.

No surgery. No BS…just doing it.

The first is “the_keto_guy” on Instagram- he’s also on YouTube and Facebook. He’s dropped around 135 lbs and he is consistent- even if he has a cheat meal/day- he’s right back at it the next day and just getting the job done.

The next is “gormy_goes_keto” on Instagram and other social media/sites. This guy IS my story. His highest weight was 540 lbs and he lost a bunch of weight, then gained a 270 lbs in 6 months and then LOST it all again and is currently killing it. He’s in his mid-40s and literally been where I am and fought through it.

I lost 140 lbs and then gained 92 lbs in 6 months and really thought about just giving up- just die fat but then I found this guy’s story and it just changed my entire mental outlook. I couldn’t make it if I had gained 280 lbs in 6 months yet here this guy is- he overcame that and is killing life in general.

Both of these guys have been super friendly to me and helpful and I suggest you follow them on social media because they are true inspirations.

They are where I want to be…they are doing exactly what I want to do.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

PS- maybe I should add those “_” in my name…maybe that is the key to success that I’ve been looking for!

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