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On the sites 25th birthday…we added our first ad.

But don’t worry guys- you aren’t going to get all those stupid pop up ads or Google bullshit. You aren’t going to try to get to a recipe and get 47 ads in between the ingredients and shit like that…in the words of the great T’Challa- “we don’t do that here.”

I’m happy to die poor- I’ve lived my entire life being poor so I’m good.

When I stream, I don’t want you to subscribe and give me money for setting in front of a camera and playing video games- that is pure ignorance- give that money to charity or use it to buy your own video games. Now, if you won’t to follow- that works for me.

Our first ad is for something that I actually use and love- Keto Krate. You may have seen ads here and there for my own stuff- like Commons4Kids or, as the kids say, Da Merch Brah…but this is the first actual ad from another company.

Sharky Hitchens is now a full time Keto Krate affiliate….so, let’s get a few things about this out in the open.

This IS a service I use and have used for about a year now and it is a service that I enjoy and feel comfortable promoting.

I do get a box sent to me and make a small amount of money when someone signs up through my link or goes to and enters the promo- SHARKYHITCHENS; I get a few bucks and you save 25% off of your first box. (If you click the direct link above, the code is pre-entered)

I will- as I always have- be giving my 100% honest opinion- I know some folks don’t like Keto Krate because their stuff focuses more on “dirty keto” and providing items that fit into your MACROs and some of the stuff may have ingredients that aren’t “hardcore keto” and that is fine- we are all trying to find what works for us.

Remember- I do Sharketo- and when I stick to the plan- it works amazing for me. I’m a food addict and I need snacks and variety; that is one big reason the personal trainer I tried wasn’t going to work out for me. His food plan was basically 1 lb of ground beef twice a day.

Nah…I’m trying to lose weight and get healthy but also enjoy the few years of life we get.

Keto Krate also gets a bonus by working with me- my wife and 13 year old son tries most of the items as well and I try to write out long, honest reviews with opinions from all three of us because everyone has different tastes.

The last box we got had some amazing brownies and I saw reviews where people didn’t like them or complained about the ingredients but I thought they were amazing- way healthier than actual brownies and a pretty good “cheat treat” to have from time to time- like once a month or something. The ingredients weren’t the best and the net carbs per brownie was a bit high- BUT- way lower than normal brownies.

Keto Krate gives you a month full of snacks to try out so you don’t have to waste money ordering stuff you don’t even like- some of those things are insanely overpriced and shipping is crazy- and then you get it and don’t even like it and have 100 of them you’ll never eat!

Everyone isn’t going to like everything in the box- that’s why it’s a variety and, trust me, I’m not one to just promote and ass kiss a product because I’m an affiliate- if I don’t like it, I will be honest- so- if we get a bunch of crappy boxes in the future months- I may not be an affiliate for long.

I plan to start making a monthly YouTube series of Keto Krate openings- doing that stupid thing where people try an item for the camera so you can set there and watch me chew for 15 minutes…not really…I’ll be doing a review but won’t make you guys watch a fat guy chew and make over acted facial expressions.

I’ll be doing a monthly post on the site- under Keto Krate- with pictures and reviews of all the products as well.

Finally- I’ll be posting throughout the month on social media but only of my favorite items from the box.

Keto Krate is getting a ton of promotion from me and you guys are getting 25% off and an honest review each month.

IF the box contains an item that we’ve had before and already reviewed- then those items will be going straight to YOU guys through contests! No reason to review the same item twice so why not share the love.

Shit- I may be the perfect influencer!

So if YOU have a product- hit me in at or social media DMs. I’ll give it a try and if I’m a fan, maybe we can work together.

Now- click HERE and get your first box for 25% less than those folks who aren’t Sharksters! Silly Sharksters…paying more for the same thing…that just proves you guys are smarter than they are.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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