Cliff Notes -2020 – Chapter One

2020 – Speciation
Chapter One – Round One (Jan)

I guess I’m starting a 12 round fight for my life…come out swinging!

Weight loss for January 2020 is 20 lbs.

I hit that a couple days ago and have actually went up a bit but it’s not actual weight and I’m well aware of that.

The next goal is 358 lbs.- which would be a 14 lb loss in February.

It’s been a struggle and it seems like I have to do way more than most folks and its aggravating and annoying. I these “weight loss” stories where people just walked each day and dropped a ton of weight- meanwhile- I’m literally walking over 4 miles a day, eating keto and struggling. It seems like if I don’t do the cardio/boxing/weights then my weight goes up regardless of what I eat or how much I walk.

I’m in one of those spots where it feels like the world is against me- normally I understand why I’m failing but not this time- this time I’m doing everything right and still failing.

Over the last week- I’ve literally been walking over an hour a day and the scale still keeps creeping up and I know it has to be fluid or something- the few pounds I’ve gained this last week can’t be legit and I refuse let January be anything less than 20 lbs down because that’s where I go to.

Maybe I’ve screwed my metabolism up from 42 years of being obese and not giving a shit and maybe that is why I have to work harder.

This is why I get so frustrated at DRs and people like Dr. Now (from My 600 Lbs Life)- you have these folks that tell him they are following the plan but not losing as much and he calls them liars…he then spits off some bullshit about “to maintain that weight you have to eat 10,000 calories a day!”

Let me tell you- man to man- straight from a guy doing this shit- that is NOT the case. I assure you that I haven’t had 10,000 calories in a day for months- not even when I’m screwing up. I walk over 4 miles every single weekday and I spent most of 2019 gaining weight like it was nothing. You do NOT have to eat 10,000 calories a day to gain weight or maintain 400-500 lbs- believe me.

I can have one cheat day and eat 8,000 calories and gain 5 or more pounds overnight.

That bullshit math that tell you doesn’t add up- the bullshit DRs tell you don’t add up and I’m tired of people saying shit like – “it’s just a numbers game.”

It. Is. Not.

I’m not done fighting- not by a long shot- actually I’m fighting hard because I’m tired of the bullshit.

I’m giving you an open look inside the weight loss journey of a binge eating food addict and I’m giving you honesty and truth.

So many people are full of shit when it comes to this stuff.

I’m calling January 2020 a success and I’m starting today on attacking February 2020. I gotta fight harder- FINE.

Ring the fucking bell.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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