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This month had a couple of items that sort of went together- at least they were items that I wanted to have on the same day.

I’ve been on and off keto for a few weeks now and I’m really trying to get back on it and get the routine down but I love sweet stuff like cookies, cakes and muffins and these two items arrived in my life at the perfect time- Smart Cake Vanilla Latte cakes and the Explorado Market Cinnamon Roll Soft Batch Cookie!

The Cinnamon Roll cookie was more like a flat muffin but had a great flavor and really felt like something you would grab for breakfast in a rush. While it had a great taste, there was a minor aftertaste that I wasn’t a fan of, which was probably the erythritol and monk fruit. We’ve tried making sweet stuff and erythritol is the best sugar replacement but it always leaves a slightly weird aftertaste.

As far as MACR0S- one cookie is 180 calories with 15g fat, 5g protein and 2g net carbs; based on the sugar replacements used, I would agree with the 2g net carbs.

Even though I’ve been doing keto awhile, I’m still learning about the ingredients but this bad boy seems to be made out of all the good stuff.

There is a downside though and it seems to be the same downside on almost every keto item I find- the price.

Explorado Market offers a few different flavors and an 8 pack of cookies are currently on sale for $19.98 which comes to $2.50 a cookie. The price seems a little steep but it could be used for a quick snack replacement and I use to eat $4 bags of Dorito’s for a snack so these little gems are cheaper than that!

Next up is the SmartCake and most of us folks on keto have heard of this company because they are the real deal.

I’ve gotten their Cinnamon version in the past and really liked it- thankfully we got a different flavor this month- Vanilla Latte.

As always- there are two muffins per package and they were fluffy and moist but the flavor wasn’t really strong enough for me and it may be set up that way. It makes me think that maybe these were created for you to enjoy with your morning coffee and you wouldn’t want those flavors to crash- it’s a nice hint of vanilla and I could imagine it being delicious with coffee.

The SmartCakes come 2 to a package but a serving size is 1- which is why my wife and I split it; each cake has 38 calories, 2.5g fat, 4g protein and 0g net carbs…ZERO NET CARBS! You can get an 8 pack (16 cakes) for $27.99 so it’s about $1.74 per cake. I haven’t bought individual Little Debbie’s for a while but that price is in the area and you are getting a keto friendly snack instead of a pile of sugar.

The amazing thing about SmartCake is that they have a ton of flavors of SmartCakes but they also have a ton of other products- SmartBun and SmartMufn as well!

My wife wasn’t really a fan of the SmartCakes but agreed that the yummy Cinnamon Roll cookie was more like a flat muffin and delicious. She has loved the SmartCakes in the past so I think we are just not Vanilla Latte type of people- I’m more of a chocoholic!

Based on the prices and the fact that you should always limit keto snacks- these two items are perfect to order and keep on hand for emergencies.

That is my favorite thing about Keto Krate- you get to try items without buying a bunch at once- I could have spent $28 on 16 Vanilla Latte cakes to realize they weren’t really my favorite- so thanks to Keto Krate- I now know that I should always just go with the chocolate.

It’s like I said earlier- Keto Krate gives you a huge variety to try- it saves you money and helps promote keto friendly items you may have never heard of or just don’t want to spend a ton of money to try. Figure out your favorites so you can make them a part of your keto routine.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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