February Keto Krate Week

It’s Keto Krate Week!!

**join.ketokrate.com – discount code “SharkyHitchens“**

I get a Keto Krate once a month and it’s packed with amazing keto snacks- so I’m going to dedicate week, each month, to review the items and give my honest opinion- everyone won’t like everything- that is just a fact of life.

Depending on when I get my krate, Keto Krate Week will start the following Monday. I’ll be posting full reviews here and mini reviews over on Instagram.

The big finale will be on Sunday when I post an overall video to YouTube. The video won’t really be a “box opening” because the box has already been opened and I’ve actually tried each item.

I’m not a fan of those folks that open their box life and try the items while you set there and watch them chew- it always seems a bit over acted with un-natural facial expressions.

This will give me a week to try everything and give my honest opinion- you don’t want to try all the items in one day because you would go over your net carbs for the day. Each box usually has 10 or so items and if you stretch that out over a 7 day period- you can get a good fee of what everything tastes like and if they fit into your MACROS and just daily routine.

There is usually a couple of beef sticks that you can try on the same day or just items that go together- PLUS- as an added bonus, my wife will be trying everything as well.

This month’s krate looked to have a rough journey but was literally packed with a ton of awesome stuff and everything inside arrived safely.

Now- I am an affiliate but I won’t allow that to affect my opinions of each product.

If you are impressed with the krate and want to start getting all these keto friendly snacks mailed to you, you can go to join.ketokrate.com and use the discount code “SharkyHitchens”- you will save 25% off of your first box and I’ll get a couple bucks to help out the site and Commons4Kids- it’s really a win/win situation here.

So…enjoy the February Keto Krate Week (Feb 10th – Feb 11th) and be sure to check back daily for reviews and follow me on Instagram @SharkyHitchens!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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