Heavenly Keto Couple

How about a snacking match made in keto heaven?

Another cool thing about Keto Krate is that they usually have some type of beef stick and some type of chip or crunchy snack that just really go well together.

This month we had the Tomer Kosher Chicago’s Beef Stick with the Intakt Nourishing Snacks Spicy Crunchy Cheese!

Both were great separately but even better together!

The beef stick was a little “floppy”, and I’m not sure that is the right word- it wasn’t firm like a Slim Jim but I would think that’s because this beef stick is a higher quality. I hopped over to their website – www.tomerkosher.com and there it was- “we grind one piece of beef (the chuck), mix it with seasoning, and bake it in an all-natural beef casing. This makes for a tender, tastey beef stick without an artificial aftertaste.”

I called it floppy but tender is a better word and they nailed it on the head- it was a delicious beef stick with no weird aftertaste and didn’t leave my mouth with that weird greasy feeling after I ate it.

Their website even goes into more details about the quality- the whole stick is actually beef without additional fillers and ingredients- like pork…PLUS…they are made with beef collagen casings which keeps it kosher and gives it that softer bite- which I had previously described as…floppy.

So they are also better with words than I am.

Per stick, you are looking at 90 calories, 6g fat, 7g protein and 1g carb.

Its keto friendly but NOT perfect keto…so you need to up the fat a bit and BOOM- in walks the crunchy cheese!

If you are doing keto, there is no doubt you’ve had some form of baked cheese…because baked cheese is delicious.

The folks at Keto Krate didn’t send a sample bag- they sent a full bag and it was exactly as described- crunchy, spicy and cheesy.

The ingredients are 100% natural because it’s cheese with some spices.

The crunch was a perfect match with the beef stick but would also be great as an evening snack- to help get you through the rough hours of 7pm-9pm. You’ve already eaten dinner but you are watching some TV with the family and your body is telling you that you should be eating something crunchy and loud- because it’s what humans do and it annoys your family members- this is PERFECT for that!

I’m not a fan of spicy food but it was just enough spice for me- my lips were left tingly and I needed a drink to cool things off- while my wife loves spicy foods and didn’t think it was spicy enough- that is one of the issues- we all have different tastes. Even though it wasn’t spicy enough for the wife- she still liked it as a crunchy snack.

We both agreed they were delicious, super crunchy and perfect for annoying others who are trying to watch TV.

The package has two servings- the single serving MACROS break down to 80 calories, 6g fat, 5g protein and <1g carbs for roughly 18-20 pieces.

You can check them out at www.intaktsnacks.com and I suggest you do because they have a ton of flavors like…blueberry!!!

Blueberry Crunchy Cheese…what a time to be alive!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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