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One day only! Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday! At the SharkysWorld National Guard Armory—see the fight of the century…Keto Bars Chocolate Covered Strawberry VS Kiss My Keto Chocolate Cookie Dough for the SW Keto Bar Heavyweight Championship of the Woooooooorlddd!!!!

OK…settle down folks…this isn’t really a fight because there is room in the keto universe for both bars.

You pretty much always get a couple of bars each month from Keto Krate because bars seem to be the go to thing these days- you got your keto bars, protein bars, energy bars and whatever Quest Bars are.

Little cheap shot at Quest Bars- just not a fan of the gooey, taffy like texture but I know a lot of people like them – we all have different tastes. The problem is, a lot of times the bars are coconut (which I hate) or just plain chocolate and have that weird chalky protein powder texture.

I was pleasantly surprised this month though because we got FLAVORS!! We got the good stuff- chocolate covered strawberries….chocolate cookie dough….ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Since the wife and I share these products, I decided to have half of each bar- which would equal ONE bar- and give me a chance to put them against each other.

Sadly- it wasn’t even a contest for me- there was a clear winner but we’ll get to that a bit later.

First up was the Keto Bars Chocolate Covered Strawberry bar and my wife pointed out that it’s created by the folks over at Keto Connect- a popular couple that do YouTube and stuff. Personally, I’m not a fan of Keto Connect. I’ve watched a ton of their videos but…just not a fan. As it turns out, Keto Connect created this FLAVOR only- not the actual company. When you go to the company’s website – – you see that this flavor “just arrived” and is a special collaboration with Keto Connect!

Do you understand that…this is the NEWEST flavor and we already get it in our Keto Krate to try it out! That is a pretty big plus because it shows that we aren’t just getting the products that didn’t sell well- we get the NEW stuff!

The texture looked a bit “grainy” and I’m not a fan of those type of bars, however, the smell hit me the moment I opened the package- this bad boy smelled like fresh strawberries and that really pulled me in. The smell was honestly amazing so I bit in and BOOM- you instantly get a strawberry taste and it doesn’t taste “fake”- and it shouldn’t since you can see the dried strawberries actually in the bar…at least…I hope that is what that red chunk is- in the picture.

It wasn’t really grainy and had a great taste…but…it ended with a weird after taste that I wasn’t really a fan of. The after taste doesn’t really make me “not” like it but it just replaces the first taste so I wasn’t happy.

After checking the ingredients, I think I figured it out- remember I said I hate coconut earlier- well, the ingredients are AMAZING…but…one of them is COCONUT! I’m not saying that was the after taste but it could be and why would you put coconut in a chocolate covered strawberry bar? I don’t understand it but I did understand that all the ingredient are clean and a bit mind-blowing- I could pronounce them all and knew what they were!

Here is the best part- you get 10 bars for $24.95 which is about $2.50 per bar and that is what most of these type of bars go for in your local grocery story.

The MACROS were great as well- 220 calories, 18g fat, 5g net carbs, 5g protein!

Good ingredients, decent price, perfect keto MACROs and great taste – I would recommend these to anyone- unless you hate coconut. If I ever find these in a store, I would pick up a couple to try out again to see if the after taste was legit or just a “me” thing.

My wife tried it and loved it and, based on the reviews, almost EVERYONE loves it.

Next up is the Kiss My Keto Chocolate Cookie Dough and I was extremely excited about this one because I love cookie dough!

I’ll just say it now- this was MY champion…OMG…this was AMAZING and I will be buying a box of these. I’m not a big fan of bars really but this will become a part of my life. I seriously can’t describe in words what a fan I am of this bar.

First- covered in chocolate.

Second- I bit into it and it felt and tasted like chocolate chip cookie dough.

It had no weird after taste- I just had a mouth full of chocolate covered chocolate chip cookie dough. I’m not talking about some weird diet/keto version- probably made with cauliflower- I’m talking about the REAL THING. My body and my taste buds truly believed that I had just been kicked out of ketosis because I was having a cheat day.

The ingredients still seemed pretty good- I’m not an expert but everything looks clean and on point but there were a few things that I would need to research. I actually liked the MACROS a bit better than the other one – 230 calories, 19g fat, 3g net carbs, 9g protein and the added part is that it’s got MCT as an ingredient.

The website – – also offers a ton of other keto friendly products and you can get a variety bar pack which is also a more customer friendly option in my book.

Here is the downside – 12 bars for $39.99- that comes to around $3.33 per bar, which is $.83 PER BAR more than the other bar.

With that said- I think I would be willing to pay more because it was THAT good! I honestly think it was the best “bar” I’ve ever tasted.

Here is the interesting point to this little battle- my wife felt the exact OPPOSITE!

She thought the cookie dough bar had a weird after taste and she wasn’t a fan but she loved the chocolate coved strawberry and it had NO after taste for her.

This is another reason why I love Keto Krate and why I choose to become an affiliate- each month offers something for everyone and gives you the chance to try things out before you just order a box of 10/12 bars that you may not be a fan of- I may like this bar and you may like that bar but the fact that there is a service that lets us try them is pretty awesome!

In conclusion to this long review- tonights match ended in a DRAW because my wife and I had a different favorite…

…actually though…

….this is SharkysWorld…and I’m SHARKY….soooooooo

Ladies and gentlemen….your SW Keto Bar Champion of the Woooorrrllllld goes to Kiss My Keto Chocolate Cookie Dough Bar!!!!!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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