Chocolate Ranch Balls

OK…maybe not together but today we are looking at two of our favorites from this month’s Keto Krate and when I say “our” I’m talking about my wife, 13 year old son and myself.

We’ll go with the chocolate first because it was a full bag and we’ve been eating on it for days now- all three of us.

We’ve all got experience with keto friendly chocolate and we know it’s a huge gap from the good stuff to the “crappy” stuff.

See what I did there…the “crappy”…because maltitol usually makes you crap yourself and most of the store found sugar free chocolate is loaded with stuff like maltitol- that will tear your belly up and make your bathroom the most used room of your house.

Don’t get me wrong though- you can get Lily’s and a few others that use belly friendly ingredients so they are out there but I don’t think I’ve seen any with hazelnut- of course, I live in a small town in Kentucky so there’s a lot I haven’t seen.

I also go for the candy first- every time I get a Keto Krate- and these Ross Chocolates didn’t disappoint! Mini squares of dark chocolate with hazelnut- sweetened with stevia and they obviously know the deal because they put “no maltitol” right on the front of the bag.

Their site – – shows a ton of different flavors- they even have a lemon and coconut…never, in my life, have I heard of those two flavors together but I think my wife would love it!

I was a bit disappointed that they also offer a “maltitol line” thought- that stuff isn’t good for ya!

There honestly isn’t a lot to say- these are delicious, keto and belly friendly pieces of chocolate and they come in a resalable bag which is a plus.

The bag had 3 servings of 5 pieces each with 120 calories, 12g fat, 2g net carbs and 1g protein per serving and those are great MACROS for keto!

Not really much negative here- if I had to say anything, it would be to up the hazelnut flavor a bit- it was very faint- other than that- just yummy, healthy chocolate!

The next item was actually the first item we tried and my wife and I were both blown away- Better Than Good Snacks is the perfect name for these Ranch Veggie Protein Puffs- these things were bursting with flavor and perfection- when it comes to taste.

Most keto diets follow the high fat and mid-protein but these are loaded with protein and not a lot of fat so I feel they are pushing calling them “keto” to the limit- we could go with low carb but not exactly keto.

You are talking 110 calories, 3.5g fat, 3g carb and 16g protein per bag. They are one of the best “chip like products” I’ve ever tried and they are loaded with veggies and nutrients. These could easily become more keto friendly if you throw some high fat cheese or something with them to get that fat up but if you have had some MCT oil during the day- which is all fat- these are perfect to help even it out a bit.

They have a few different flavors on their site – – and they even have a sweet version called Salted Caramel!

You can get 8 bags for $23.95 which comes to $2.99 a bag which isn’t too bad really and they taste better than most carb loaded snacks I’ve had- you really can’t push how great these things taste without just trying them yourself.

I would highly suggest getting you some of both of these products…just don’t eat them at the same time…of course- can’t tell you what to do- you do you boo.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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