Drinking Cereal?

The last review of Keto Krate Week – February 2020!!

There are two items left- Magic Spoon cereal and Ultima Replenisher drink mix.

We’ve gotten both of these items before so this review may not be as in depth as the others.

The drink mix is basically what you would imagine- mix them with your bottle of water and drink up! The cool thing about Ultima, over what you usually get in the store, is that it’s loaded with electrolytes which are crucial when you are doing keto.

We got a 3 flavor variety pack- raspberry, lemon and grape. I hate raspberry stuff so that one never actually had a chance but the lemon and grape were both great.

Based on the lemon flavor label there is zero calories, fat, carbs and protein and the ingredients seem to be clean and sweetened with stevia- which is another difference. Most of the mixes you pick up at the store usually have unfriendly sugar substitutes.

You can pick up your own at www.ultimareplenisher.com – 20 servings for $19.99. These mixes are more focused on hydrating your body then just flavoring your water so that is another bonus.

Last but never least- Magic Spoon cereal!

This one is pretty easy, I’ve already been a fan from getting this in previous boxes- it’s yummy when you are dying for a bowl of Fruit Loops which is just PURE sugar in a bowl.

These little pink circles taste like they are pure sugar but they are not- I didn’t get to eat this with milk this time but I have used Macadamia milk in the past and it was pretty close to a bowl of cereal.

This time, I just snacked on them by the handful and they make an amazing snack but, if you decide to eat them that way, pre-portion them out in baggies because it can get away with you- they are addictive!

I do, however, have a few negative issues with this product.

First- Keto Krate has never sent me the chocolate!

Second – they are $39.99 for 4 boxes…. $10 for a box of cereal? I just can’t bring myself to do that- not even for delicious keto friendly cereal.

Third – the MACROS – 110 calories, 6g fat, 3g net carbs and 12g protein. You got more protein than fat and they use Allulose and remove it from the carbs and I don’t know much about that ingredient. Most of the ingredient look great except for “Tapioca Flour”- another ingredient I’m not familiar with. I did a quick Google search and it seems that there is a debate on it being keto or not, so that is up to you.

With all the negatives against it, I don’t think I’ll be buying it in the future but it will be great when I get it again in my Keto Krate.

It’s got some ingredients I’m not sure about and the cost is pretty high so it’s something I probably would only have every few months.

Of course- if you are hooked on Fruit Loops and truly miss them- this is a pretty damn close keto friendly alternative that may just be worth it to you.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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