90 Day Challenge #1

Ok guys- I gotta get this shit show back on the road.

I posted my first Fat Tuesday last Tuesday and basically used this week to get out all the cravings…now it’s time for the first Sharky 90 Day Challenge.

Here is the break down- there are three 90 day periods between now and Dec 18th.

The first 90 days, I want to average 20 lbs lost per (30 days). The next 90 day average will be 15 lbs and then the final 90 days average will be 10 lbs. Once I get to Dec 18th– I should be about 15 lbs from my goal of 220 lbs.

Here are the rules for the first 90 days- (February 18th-May 18th)

ONLY weigh on the 18th of each month

Focus on eating at home- no restaurants

Focus on SHARKETO – meat, veggies, some cheese and some “other”- dressing, etc.

Take supplements daily- multivitamin, pink salt, B complete, potassium

Focus on limiting diet soda and drinking more water

Focus on building exercise routine

Those are the “rules” I’m going to focus on- I’ve realized over the last year that I can’t just wake up and be back to where I was- my body is now back to where I was at 440 lbs- no, my weight isn’t back there but my body and mind set is back there and I have to get out of it.

The weighing each day kills me and doesn’t work with keto- that has been proven.

I need to focus on where I am- still 60 lbs. down from my highest and I need to build from there.

Believe me- I’m just as tired of going through this bullshit as you guys are (if any readers are even left). I understand the frustration and feeling like I’m full of shit because I always talk about it and never actually get it done.

Fact is- I lost 140 lbs in a year and 6 months of that year, I wasn’t even really trying- I was dealing with the death of my mom and just struggling…so I have done it before.

That is what pisses me off…I’ve done this…it’s doable- it’s not some fucking fairy tale dream.

I can build this 90 days…one day at a time.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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