Chocolate VS Chocolate

Let’s start this review off with some common knowledge- I’m an idiot.

If you have been a Sharkster for a while, then you know this to be true.

I posted a review of March’s Keto Krate over on my YouTube channel- I went through what was in the box to give folks a preview of what I would be reviewing this week and I was super excited because we got some coffee K cups this month…

…except…we didn’t.

I showed them to my wife (after I posted the video) and she preceded to make fun of me because these little suckers were actually espresso/coffee chocolate keto cups…like peanut butter cups…only flavored like espresso/coffee and almond.

I was a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to chocolate, almond espresso!

Thankfully that disappointment didn’t last long because chocolate is just as good as coffee!

My wife tried these Ketosis Cups first but wasn’t a fan because she didn’t like the texture but I have to fully disagree with her- I’m a huge fan!

Not only was this cup delicious but I actually liked the texture and it was pretty feeling- sort of like a little “fat bomb”. It had a great chocolate taste and was loaded with almond flakes.

The best part – it actually has keto friendly MACROS!

One cup has 150 calories, 15g fat, 2g net carb, 2g protein and you got the feeling of having candy but not that feeling of wanting to over indulge- thanks to the high fat, low carb.

Their site,, is pretty simple and they have three flavors to choose from- Tahini Cocoa Nip, Almond Espresso or Pumpkin Citrus and they will cost you around $3.99 for 2 cups.

That is the downside- the price is a bit up there for what you get but they did taste amazing and the ingredients are clean and I would consider these a “premium chocolate” type of candy so the price is online with those.

They have cocoa butter, almond butter, eryhritol, stevia, almonds, cocoa powder, coffee beans and salt- that’s it.

While the price is a little high for my pocket- you honestly get what you pay for and those cheap candies are usually either loaded with sugar orthe unfriendly sugar alcohols and you don’t want that…plus you don’t need to be eating keto friendly candy daily anyways- so buy a few for those rough nights when the cravings hit you and push through the hard times with chocolate!

Speaking of chocolate….the 2nd product I’m reviewing today is even more chocolate from this month’s krate!

We got a giant bag of Choc Zero keto bark with pecans!

I was blown away just by this bag- it wasn’t just one piece of candy but a bag full- 6 pieces actually. I was so excited over this product that I did what I said I would never do- opened it and tried it LIVE while recording the video…it was amazing!

Here are screenshots in case you missed it- I know folks don’t want to watch a fat guy eat but I couldn’t help myself.

It had great flavor and tons of pecans- which you don’t really find much. You can get Hersey’s with almonds or peanuts but rarely find pecans- so that was an added bonus!

There isn’t a lot to say really- it was an amazing tasting, keto friendly mini candy bar that made me feel like I was having a cheat day and will be perfect for fighting cravings- plus they are individual wrapped to stay fresh!

Now, here is where it gets mind blowing- their website,, is loaded with stuff like different flavors of chocolate and multiple flavors of keto friendly syrups. Maple syrup, chocolate and caramel as well!!!

Vanilla syrup….I don’t even know what that is but they have it and its keto friendly!!

It doesn’t stop there though….an entire bag- 6 pieces- is only $6.99 which is about $1.15-$1.20 per piece and based on “regular” candy bar prices- that is what you would pay for the sugar loaded crap!

My son got a Twix the other day and it was $1.49 for just a regular sized candy bar and I can get this keto friendly candy bar CHEAPER!!!!

I am highly impressed with their taste, quality, website and prices and there is honestly no catch- one piece has 120 calories, 10g fat, 2g net carbs and 1g protein- perfect keto MACROS and they are sweetened with munk fruit- no sugar alcohols!

I’ve liked most of the chocolate stuff I’ve gotten in past keto krates but I think this is the BEST, ALL AROUND chocolate product based on taste, ingredient, MACROS and cost- you can’t beat it.

Everything about ChocZero is perfection and they are now my go to chocolate folks and without Keto Krate I would have never known they exist!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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