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I haven’t been motivated to do much of anything really and I need to change that.

I watched “That Sugar Movie” over the weekend- twice. I watched it once while working on card donations (Commons4Kids) and it was so mind blowing that I forced my wife and son to watch it and I watched it again with them.

I need to make drastic changes.

Yesterday I tackled the day trying to remove sugar and did pretty well until last night when I had cravings and I gave in.

It’s going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done but after watching the movie and doing research, based with what I already know about keto and my success from 2018- I’ve realized that I have to take drastic measures.

I emailed my Keto Krate contact to remove me from the affiliate program- I need to lower snacking, lower sugar alcohol intakes and focus on meat, veggies and limit cheese.

I can’t just stop sugar- in a way- overnight so I’m going to focus on ONLY having the following 5 “keto approved” sugar alcohols for the first couple of weeks and try to lower them slowly.

Monk Fruit

Mostly in my energy drinks and flavoried water with some chocolate here and there.

I’ve tried for most of my life to lose weight and the more I learn, the more I realize that the entire world has been stacked against me and it hasn’t been my fault because I wasn’t aware of it…however…now I am aware so to continue to allow it to control me IS my decision- at this point.

It’s not going to be easy or overnight but I have to focus more on it and really put up a fight- the fight I’ve put up over the last year has been pathetic- at best.

I’ve started using MyFitnessPal again today to really track the calories, carbs and sugars.

Spring is around the corner so walking should be back in the mix but I also need to understand that it is NOT “calories in VS calories out” – that is the biggest bullshit in weight loss.

It’s also not simply counting calories because calories are DIFFERENT and it’s more about the reaction the calories have on your body then it is keeping that count low.

I’m tired of hearing people joke about sugar addiction- it’s 100% real and, easily, the worst addiction you can have. Your dealer blatantly shoves your addiction in your face almost 24/7 and the government helps them do it. Society pushes you towards your addiction and laughs at you as you struggle with it- they call you a failure because you can’t be an addiction you have towards something that is required to just live.

That emotional abuse then turns into the need to indulge into your addiction even more- which then becomes a bigger joke and that pattern continues. You feel like shit- ashamed at your failure- and it’s a never ending loop until you break it or die.

The addiction also contributes to many of the top 10 health issues in America from heart disease to general obesity to mental illness- you think it’s mentally healthy to hate yourself while you’re eating “bad” food- to literally have your brain yelling to stop while your body physically doesn’t?

A part of me tells me to not even write about my journey because I’ve spent so much of it writing about what I’m going to do but rarely actually ever doing it but that is a huge part of the journey that most of us go through.

One of the problems is someone like me- you hear stuff like “shut up about it and just do it” and then, when I couldn’t just do it- “it” gets even worse.

I’ve failed a thousand times…but I’ve yet to give up.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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