Sugars Bad, Who Knew?

Yesterday was a perfect day- I need to simply repeat yesterday for the rest of my life.

1630 calories
10g carbs (2%)
133g fat (73%)
100g protein (25%)

I had ZERO grams of sugar. 2g of erythritol and 2g of sucralose. I had one 12oz Coke Zero that had aspartame so I need to work on removing that completely.

I got my hour of walking in, I did 15 mins of boxing and 15 mins of kettlebell.

I ate twice in a 3 hour window starting at 3:30pm and ending at 6:30pm- I had nothing to eat and very little to drink after that.

I may shoot for holding off eating until 5:30-6:30pm to get in 23/24 hours of fasting.

This may not be related at all but I’m going to be testing it – I’ve had mucus issue for the last 25 years- sometimes are worse and sometimes are better.

Last night, I had ZERO mucus issues and didn’t spend 30 mins this morning just blowing snot out and having my nose instantly fill back up- there was no mucus.

I started thinking back and it does seem that I have my worse mucus issues when I binge and have a ton too much sugar- how I haven’t made myself a diabetic yet blows my mind. If I’m remembering correctly, when I was actually doing keto, I had less mucus issues.

It sucks that it’s taken me this long t really research and figure this all out and that is one of the reasons I’m sharing my story- hopefully younger people will see my struggle and journey and learn from it at a much early age.

Day 2 of “as close to zero sugar as possible”- there is hidden sugar EVERYWHERE!!!!

These are the good days and I’m sure the motivation will pass just as it has before but I need to focus and force myself to continue this “no sugar” stuff- motivated or not, it needs to become daily life because I’m thinking sugar has actually been my biggest enemy my entire life.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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