I first saw Carbquick recipes in some Facebook keto groups and I figured it was too good to be true but we looked it up and it there was a local toy store…YES…a toy store….that sold it, so we headed to Lexington, KY to pick up a box- way cheaper than ordering it online and, as a nice surprise, the toy store is pretty awesome and we picked up some Pop figures as well.

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I am the traitor this homie warned you about.

With all the crap I read and saw about EA and the new Star Wars Battlefront II, I decided not to buy it- and that last exactly a day.

NO- I don’t believe EA really cares about the players and I’m sure the micro transactions will return and it will become a “pay to play” nightmare like it was and I’ll continue to be one of the worst shooter players to ever live- things don’t change.

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