Review – Aaron Daniel McNew

Zero of any stars….complete scammer.


UPDATE August 10th, 2018 – We filed a small claims action against Aaron Daniel McNew with a certified letter since he lives several counties away- he simply didn’t pick up the letter and we’ve realized he’s been sued enough over this stuff to realize that as long as he doesn’t pick up the letter then he doesn’t have to actually show up to court and the court system/law will do nothing to him. The next option is to pay the sheriff to hand deliver the letter; however, since he’s been sued several times before he understands that if he just doesn’t open the door then they can’t actually serve him. The system seems to be set up in his favor…it’s set up to allow assholes like this to scam people and get away with it.

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I first saw Carbquick recipes in some Facebook keto groups and I figured it was too good to be true but we looked it up and it there was a local toy store…YES…a toy store….that sold it, so we headed to Lexington, KY to pick up a box- way cheaper than ordering it online and, as a nice surprise, the toy store is pretty awesome and we picked up some Pop figures as well.

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I am the traitor this homie warned you about.

With all the crap I read and saw about EA and the new Star Wars Battlefront II, I decided not to buy it- and that last exactly a day.

NO- I don’t believe EA really cares about the players and I’m sure the micro transactions will return and it will become a “pay to play” nightmare like it was and I’ll continue to be one of the worst shooter players to ever live- things don’t change.

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