I am the traitor this homie warned you about.

With all the crap I read and saw about EA and the new Star Wars Battlefront II, I decided not to buy it- and that last exactly a day.

NO- I don’t believe EA really cares about the players and I’m sure the micro transactions will return and it will become a “pay to play” nightmare like it was and I’ll continue to be one of the worst shooter players to ever live- things don’t change.

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Quest Protein BBQ Chips

I see a ton of folks on YouTube doing food reviews and, sometimes, it makes me want to punch them.

You will see them setting there, opening up a product and then eating/drinking it and you get to just set there and watch them chew or swallow- usually shaking their head up and down and making stupid looking faces like their taste buds are putting on a show. I usually skip to the middle so I don’t have to watch that crap.

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