Lucy Dug In

Keep swinging, hitting
Trying to knock me back
It’s a sorry attack
You’re a hack
Saw you trying to cut through
Everything I do
So it’s me against you
Well let’s make it worthwhile
You’re still in denial
Because I’ll never stay down
I’ll recover
And do it with style
I can take all you drop
I won’t stop or pop
Or open up shop
I’ll shut that shit down
Like Negan and his bat
Ball up those fist
Swing at will
A wrestler
A comedian
A couple characters
Hidden within
Shouldn’t even rhyme
Like leaf and deaf
It’s beyond belief
Saw and ball
Makes no sense at all
So take the ball
Grip the bat
Keep swinging, hitting
Trying to knock me back

….yea, bat and back don’t rhyme.

You win.

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Castration of America

America is in violation
Of discrimination
Leading to retardation of
The population
Leaving the congregation
In isolation
Killing inspiration
Rebuilding plantations
Causing frustration
A fixation on flirtation
Using misinterpretation
As the narration
For the lack of salvation
Since the creation
A collaboration
Of good and evil

Damnation in revelation
A situation of realization
Temptation and imagination
Leading to the lack
Of concentration
And longing
For vindication
Leads us to the realization
For the need
Of detoxification
The lack of determination
Loss of education
And acceptance of procrastination
Will be the castration
Of America

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I’m laying in my coffin
Sweat moistens my head
Trying to figure out
How I ended up dead
Laying on my back
Sweat caresses my brow
My mind starts to realize
It’s all over now
I’m lying motionless
As the sweat starts to creep
If my death wasn’t enough
For my situation, you should weep
I’m not sure of the reason
Or complications that caused me to die
But my one last wish
Is to get this damn sweat out of my eye

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Rat Pack Dreams

I want to be in the Rat Pack
With Sammy and Dean
I want to be like Sinatra
Sly, clever and mean

I want to be a big shot
My drink in hand
I want to be like Bishop
Singing in the band

I want to hear the sound
Of the ice as it cracks
I want to be like Lawford
Just hanging in the back

I want to dress in suits
And gamble all night
I want to speak my mind
Just trying to start a fight

I want to give a toast
To all those cool cats
Who got all they wanted
With just the tip of their hats

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My Reason

I’ve been sitting here thinking
Where do I go next
What do I do with my life
What does the future hold for me
I stand for what I believe in
And will never back down
If what I write pisses you off
Should I stop to make you happy
Give up my love, give up my life
To satisfy your beliefs
I have learned in my short life
To stop worrying, to stop caring
So If I piss you of, good
I write to get emotion from people
The is how I get joy from what I do
If it makes you cry, If it pisses you off
If you read something that I have written
And cant help but to smile
For a true poet, money means nothing
The more people that I can get to read my stuff
The more successful I become
And yet I know that with success will come criticism
Trying to analyze every word that I have written
Trying to turn every word wrtten against me
It’s not easy for the world to enjoy someones thoughts
Without trying to make them fit their own thoughts

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