I guess I’m like everyone else – trying to find my place
In this world, that little nitch where I fit in.
We all have our place in this puzzle of life.

Some of us try to force ourselves into the puzzle wherever we think we should be, never caring if we are fucking up the picture.

The secret to life is to fall into place, not force it.

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Frustration reaches up and grabs me by the throat
Tries to squeeze the breath away until I finally choke
Looking at the inside of my head as my mind starts to float
Life flashes, my eyelashes meet, my eyes close as the hatred grows
I’m not fighting back any more, I don’t even care
Begging and pleading for a cold dead stare, take my air and return despair
Don’t forget what I wrote on that note, my own personal quote
To you and the world
Was this my fate or my own demise
Filled with lies and a devilish disguise
My cries don’t fill my eyes
This murder should be decriminalized
Blame it on a nation, lack of salvation
False communication or neglected obligation
Fuck this frustration

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An end and beginning connect
As a never ending cycle of change
Start and finish overlapping
Becoming the life we create
The shores slowly melting into the ocean
Grains of time, floating away
No reason for evolution
Only unanswered questions
Of reality

Points on a plain
Connecting to form an illusion
Of purpose
Of fate
Of longing to finish the creation
Wings connected to lost souls
Hovering above an atmosphere
Ending the undeniable past
Fighting for the inevitable future

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I’m not afraid of dying
It’s not knowing what is yet to come
Pain doesn’t last forever
No matter where you’re from
White, black, rich or poor
We all have the doubt
Never knowing till the end
What this life was all about
The fear of not knowing
Always overwhelms the mind
Hours and hours of searching
Never understanding what we find
Religious beliefs
And thoughts
Allowing yourselves

To be bought
Following so many directions
Bracing for the end
While the truth is out there-
Floating in the wind
Is the end just the beginning
So much time wasted crying
No one knows what’s yet to come
But, I’m not afraid of dying.

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Seasons of Kentucky

The winter breeze blows
Blowing snow all around me
Blinded by the white

Birds chirp merrily
As spring rains begin to fall
Thunder fills the air

Summer heat rises
The sun beats down like fire
Water my best friend

Crackle of the leaves
All the bright colors of fall
The ending of life

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