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It’s A Revolution 

4 days from now, 2017 will be half over and I’m already seeing that infamous meme- “almost half way through 2017 and I lost no weight, didn’t learn anything, haven’t made an effort to save any money and still ugly”. It seems that every year I see something like that- people who make New Year’s Resolutions but just continue to live the same life and never trying to make anything better and it made me reflect on the first half of 2017 for myself and, honestly, I was pretty damn amazed!

I started off 2017 by not making New Year’s Resolution but by trying to start a Sharky Revolution.

Revolution: a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system.

I wanted to overthrow myself in favor of a new me and it seems to be working pretty awesome. I took January away from Facebook- I didn’t make any announcement of it, I just stopped posting and really slowed down on scrolling. I made a post on January 31st announcing that 2017 would be “The Year of The Shark”. So…at the half way point, let’s check out where I’m at-

1.      In January, I was one of only 19 individuals who got a 2016 Outstanding Employee Award, out of several hundred. There were several more “group” awards but only a handful of us actually got the plaque.

2.      In February I bought my wife Lady Gaga tickets (for a concert in NOVEMBER!!!) because she is the most amazing girl in the world.

3.      In February I announced my dedication to Pokemon…I’ve been into the cards for a few months and was really learning the game but I really go into it- I try to play every day, watch videos and learn about decks and how to get better- it’s the single greatest stress reliever I have ever found. It’s helped me stay away from news and just become a happier person.

4.      Sadly…also in February, I feel off the weight loss track after losing 15 lbs. but I did manage to maintain that 15 lbs lost under April…(more on that later)

5.      In March I started writing way more and revamped into something I update more regularly and really pour my heart into.

6.      In late March, after reconsolidating all of my credit cards into one payment with a much lower rate, I finally upgraded from a 1999 Cavalier that was literally falling apart to a 2013 Dodge Avenger in amazing shop, good miles and has been an outstanding car.

7.      April 17th I started keto- aka Sharketo. I was still down 15 lbs. from earlier and I hit it really hard and I’ve stuck with it (for the most part) and I’m currently down 52 lbs. for the year. There has been some rough spots but it’s a way of eating that is really easy to get back into and your screw ups don’t set you back as much as with a different types of eating. I’m still pretty motivated and inspired to keep going- just need to slow down on the screw ups.

8.      On April 17th our son was Citizen of the Month for 2nd year in a row and received one of the special awards that only a small group of kids get.

9.      We spent April learning new recipes, cooking more and losing weight like crazy.

10.   In May I got my first booster box of Guardians Rising (Pokemon cards) and pulled a Secret Rare Gold Aqua Patch out of my first pack. 

11.   In May, my trading card charity – Commons4Kids donated our 7 millionth trading card! We’ve donated over 7 million cards now to kids in 13 different states and literally worked with people all over the world, in tons of different countries.

12.   Our son graduated from 5th grade in May- he graduated “with honors” as never making anything less than an A during his entire elementary school career and with being one of only three kids not missing a single day his 5thgrade year. His elementary school years were loaded with awards and accomplishments.

13.   May 26th my wife and I celebrated our 11th year of marriage (14 years together though!)

14.   May 31st, we signed a contract to make an offer on our first house!

15.   During June, our house got appraised, passed inspection and got final approval from the underwriter and we are only waiting on the title to come back and to set up the closing date AND I hit the 50 lbs. lost mark.

For me, 2017 has been NOTHING short of “The Year of The Shark” and I am very motivated to make the 2nd half of the year even better!

As for the meme from the first paragraph – “almost half way through 2017 and I lost 52 lbs., learned a ton about Pokemon while relieving stress, saved tons of money with lower interest rates while building up a credit score and reputation that has people throwing credit at us…but….still ugly”

I mean, come on guys, it’s really hard to fix ugly.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Guardians Rising

There will actually be a couple of updates today because keto isn’t the only thing in my world right now…last Friday- Guardians Rising came out!!!

I picked up a booster box right after work and headed home so my son and I could tear into them! Now, since I pay for the booster box, we don’t split the packs but I did let him have 1/3 of the box; he got 12 packs and I got 24 packs. 

My first pack gave me a Secret Rare Aqua patch…so that was a great way to start off. We took turns opening the packs and both got some great pulls- he ended up with 2 GXs and some holos, and we both got a nice chunk of the basic set out of the way.

Opened all 36 online packs and got a great line up of GXs and deck starters…I can already tell I’ll be spending way too much money over the next month and then we do it all again in August when the next set comes out. Collecting Pokemon cards is pretty close to a drug addiction but we did get some cards for our next Pokemon C4K event and most of the stuff we get over the next month will be doubles so they will go directly to C4K…so you can’t go wrong there.

Good luck to any of you guys getting that Pokemon fever!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness!

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Team Skull Grunt Pikachu

I’ve always loved Pikachu and I love the look of Team Skull Grunt… So this was another brainer.

I had recently won some money through a competition and figured… Why not. 

The box this comes in is amazing! 

Let’s see what’s inside… 

First up, there is some amazing deck sleeves and a deck box. 

Along with some card dividers. 

You also get two incredible Pikachu promo cards. 

And finally you get 6 packs of the Japanese version of Sun and Moon! 

My son and I opened the packs and each got a GX! 

You can NOT go wrong with this box and it’s a must have for Pikachu fans. 

 Love, Peace and Sharkyness 

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Read You Bastards

I’m a dying breed and that makes me a sad panda….well…um…shark.

I wrote a really long post several months back, about Pokemon, and I posted it a few places. Overall, it started some great discussion and was well received but I noticed a lot of folks saying stuff like –

“this was too long, I only read a little of it…”

“I just skimmed this”

“TL;DR” (too long, didn’t read)

Truth is, it wasn’t really that long….maybe 2 pages in Microsoft Word; however, when you post that in a forum, it looks like a lot more and I understand that but what happened to reading exactly? 

I’m just as guilty as most because I love YouTube these days…however, I see the problems daily. I watch Pokemon videos and people will post their deck lists- so you have to pause it to actually be able to look at what it. They will even say stuff like- “pause the video if you want to read/look at this better” and I just don’t get that. Even on Facebook, I scroll and more than 75% of the stuff is video…how about posting a picture (because that will last longer…or so I’ve had a few attractive girls tell me.)

I guess I’m more “old skool” because I’m an “old guy” but if you pull something really cool out of a pack, I want to be able to click on a picture of it and zoom in on it and take it all in. If you are posting a copy of your deck list, I want to be able to look at it (clearly) and understand your thinking process and how it works. 

The written word is dying and I think it’s because it takes time to write and read and people are just constantly on the go these days; they want their news in 140 characters and everything else in something they can just stare at- without doing much thinking. I think writers don’t really want to put that much effort into things anymore because they realize that it will only be seen for a few minutes as folks scroll past for the newest thing. 

Maybe I should get me one of them there fancy videoing cameras and become a YouTube star?

Nah…it’s like I always say – “I have a face for radio and a voice for blogging.” (do the kids even know what a blog is these days….god, I’m soooo old.)

Love, Peace and Sharkyness!

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As most of you know, I am very new to the world of Pokemon TCG so I’m taking in all that I can. I’m reading up on websites like Pokebeach or the TCGO stuff on Reddit but the main thing I’m doing is listening to YouTube channels during my work day.

My day job is basically maintaining a database and running reports, so it’s perfect for listening to podcasts, videos and stuff that can keep my mind occupied.


I have subscribed to several YouTube channels focused on Pokemon TCG, but, honestly, I’m more excited to see notifications from some over others…all of the ones I follow are good but there are some that I specifically look for on a daily basis.

Here is my list of my top 5 with a couple of “honorable mentions” thrown in….they aren’t in any type of order but they are the 5 I go to first.

The Meta Deck – I posted about these guys before- they are one of the first channels I found and Safraz does a great job of explaining decks- not just building them. I really don’t like videos where someone just shows you their deck build, without showing you HOW to actually play the deck…knowing how to play it is the key point in being successful. He does a good job of making decks for the Shaymin and Non-Shaymin players and he’s videos are a great way to learn the basic techniques to the game.

The Pokemon Evolutionaries – Professor K and N are some of my son’s favorite Pokemon TCG folks, so I had to check them out. The channel is a great combination of the PTCG and PTCGO- from doing fan mail, to decks to opening new product and giving you an idea of what to expect when you spend your money. They also do a great job of trying to focus older set as well, like opening up 1st Edition Jungle packs. I will admit, there is a lot of goofiness going on, which takes a little getting used to but, once you do, every video is highly enjoyable.

Omnipoke – This channel is mostly ran by Joe (who is a commentator for streams) with Jack and a few others making for great conversation. They do a great job of building decks and showing how they work, but I love them for the 3-4 hours long “live” streams that they post…now, when I watch them on YouTube, they aren’t “live” but it’s cool to listen to them answer questions from viewers, build decks suggested by views or just play against viewers. On top of all of that, they are a great channel to get the heads up on the best decks for up coming events and they do an amazing job of really breaking down the current “meta”.

PTCGRadio– AKA The Wossy – this is another one of my first YouTubes and it mostly focuses on the newest stuff coming out. Most of Ross’s videos are quick and to the point and focus on a specific card that is coming up and how it will affect the meta in the future. Ross is also a commenter for streams so he has some great commenting videos of “real life” matchups. If you need to know what is coming out soon- this is the channel to be watching. Ross also has a Podcast called “PTCGRadio” which is way more in depth and is a great way to hear interviews and really know what is going on in the real world of Pokemon TCG (and not just the online version.)

Next up is actually two channels in one- YellowSwellow and YellowSwellow TCG– these are ran by Dennis and this is another great “best of both worlds” channels as Dennis plays in a ton of tournaments but is also big online as well. He does a great job of keeping folks updated as well as building new decks and trying new stuff…such as a an ALL PIKACHU DECK! While The Meta Deck goes into more detail (my opinion), Dennis is more entertaining with his voices and intensity. Also, Dennis has videos that deal with PokemonGo and Pokemon Duel as well.

I do have a few “honorable mentions” that I’m just now following but really seem promising.

Demon Snowking (DSK) – this is kind of a “local favorite” since he is in my area (sort of). He seems to be the “newer” guy on the block but already has a ton of great content focusing on both real and online aspects of the game.

Last, but no where near least is Sheriff Crazy….honestly, he doesn’t post as much as I would love because his videos are entertaining. It looks like he mostly focuses more on the online stuff but I would love to see more uploads from him.

I’m sure there are TONS more channels out there that I just haven’t found yet and hopefully I’ll discover them during a down time when these other guys haven’t posted anything new.

AND yes…there are a few that I’ve found that I just can’t watch….a few folks with HUGE amounts of subscribers but I just can’t do it….I’ve tried! I won’t bad mouth anyone because everyone in this gaming community seems really awesome- let’s just say they don’t match up with my taste buds.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness!