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Stream Is Returning

I’m going to start streaming again in November! Weekly stream….more posts….more gaming!!! Love, Peace and Sharkyness ~~~~~shArky~~~~~

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Change In The Air

Big changes coming in November….I’m bringing back the YouTube videos and the Wednesday night streaming of really bad video gaming!…

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Bring The Pain

Quick update really- I had a crappy weekend and let my anxiety, from having two teeth cut out today, get…

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What’s Hapfining 110818

This is an overall update so that’s why it’s under “Whats Hapfining!” because there will be some weight loss stuff…

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What’s Hapfining 061118

It’s time for another installment of everyone’s favorite….What’s Hapfining????? This is just a way for me to quickly sum up…

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What’s Hapfining 043018

Quick update since today is my weekly weigh in….not too much because tomorrow is my monthly weigh in, which is…

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What’s Hapfining 041718

Weight loss has slowed but it’s still there….I just gotta stay focused on how far I’ve already come. Huge thanks…

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What’s Hapfining 021418

It’s that time…another installment of everyone’s favorite personal update blog….What’s Hapfining!!!!! I made myself a promise at the beginning of…

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What’s Hapfining 011918

I wanted to set one day a week to just ramble about stuff in my life, thoughts, opinions or just catch…