I Don’t Care

….OK…maybe a little.

I took a few weekends off this month and paid the price of gaining 18 lbs- even though I still worked out during the week. Normally- that would have killed me and I would have given up but I knew that wasn’t a legit weight. I’ve weighed myself daily this entire year and I know about what it will be based on what I’ve done that last few days. Even though I’m weighing myself daily (still)- I only really focus on the weekly weight.

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Just A Minor Setback

If you have never been extremely overweight and honestly addicted to food- mostly sugar and carbs- then you don’t really know what it’s like. I’ve never used addictive drugs but I’ve seen people who have and I will tell you that carbs/sugar is a hell of a drug.

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Egg Fast 2

The last day of June is next Saturday and that gives me 10 days (counting today) to see how much weight loss I can squeeze into that first 6 months of 2018…right now I’m at 102.8 and I would love to hit 110 lbs…I’m not sure if that is possible the way I’ve been losing the last few weeks but I’m going to end it on an egg fast and we’ll see what happens.

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