A lot has changed in just 10 days and I’m a little weirded out by it- honestly.

Over the last 10 days I haven’t had a diet soda, only gone out to eat once and we went shopping in Lexington and I bought nothing….literally NOTHING. Ask my wife- that is NOT like me.

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Honeymoon Is Over

Day five is a weight gain and I’m pretty sure why….almost no fiber yesterday and keto is known for causing constipation. (sorry but we grown folks.) I may have to look into some added fiber or something; it’s not been a problem in the past because we ate a lot of fake sugars in sugar free candy, etc and that helped but we haven’t had any this year.

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What’s In A Year

It’s easy to find before and after pictures that show amazing results but it’s pretty hard to find someone’s daily weight over a long period of time and that seems to be my problem. I see those pictures and think “that’s amazing” but it’s instant…it’s like- they were fat and now they aren’t…BOOM..just like that. Sadly, that isn’t reality.
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