Today’s Actions

I’ve realized that you have to make changes daily and you can NEVER lose focus- not even for a day. I’m trying to go through my day to see what I did to push me towards where I want to be and what I did to push m farther away and then adjust the next day.

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Looking Foward

“I’m going to be happier- overall” –Me (on January 1st, 2018.)

2018 has already turned out to be the single worst year of my life while also being a pretty fucking amazing one and we are now on page 288 of this 365 page book…right in the middle of chapter 10 with only 2 full chapters left!

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Picture Update 09.25.2018

Down 120 lbs. You can really see in my belly and I’m starting to already see muscle I never had before. I understand it’s not much but to someone morbidly obese his whole life, it’s amazing.

Posting pics like this is really hard thanks to internet trolls but I’ve come a long way….long way to go. Loving the weight lifting.

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