6 Weeks

January 1st, 2019 is on Tuesday…that means I have exactly 6 weeks from today until that day to lose as much weight as possible. The first half of 2018 was amazing but the second half has been pathetic and I’ve got 42 days to change that.

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Today’s Actions

I’ve realized that you have to make changes daily and you can NEVER lose focus- not even for a day. I’m trying to go through my day to see what I did to push me towards where I want to be and what I did to push m farther away and then adjust the next day.

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Looking Foward

“I’m going to be happier- overall” –Me (on January 1st, 2018.)

2018 has already turned out to be the single worst year of my life while also being a pretty fucking amazing one and we are now on page 288 of this 365 page book…right in the middle of chapter 10 with only 2 full chapters left!

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