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Jun 26, 2017 - Weight Loss    No Comments

​Call Miss Peregrine…

…I’m stuck in a loop!!!

I lost some weight, screwed up a few days and jumped back to 399 last week- then I had a great week and got down to 388 on Saturday, only to screw up again and I didn’t even get on the scale this morning but I’m sure I’m back up again!

I keep working my ass off and getting lower during the week, screwing up on Saturday/Sunday and going way up and then spending the next 4-5 days getting back to I was, usually a pound or two lower. I do manage to scrap a pound or two but if I would stop screwing up and keep myself in ketosis, I would still be dropping mad weight!

There isn’t a reason for it either; that is what is so awesome about Sharketo- you get to eat amazing food! There is honestly no damn reason for me to keep doing this- anything I want, I can get a Sharketo friendly version of it…I honestly can’t explain it.

My only thoughts are that it’s more convenient and I honestly have a mental issue that I need to figure out. I was munching away on some cookies and it hit me and I told my wife “this is when I’m happiest” and it made me a bit sad. I grew up pretty poor and never had the ability to just walk into a store and literally buy anything I want and I seem to use that with food. It kills me to go somewhere and feel restricted on what I can buy- I’m the happiest when I walk in and tell myself- “you can have ANYTHING in this damn place!” So I buy candy, cookies, chips, etc because it’s almost like a power trip or something.

I told myself that I needed to be 100% honest in order for this to work and I want to tell you guys exactly what I go through to hopefully help someone in the same spot as I am- it’s something I have to work through. The reason it doesn’t make sense is, for example, candy- I can get sugar free candy and I honestly like the taste of it better but I still choose the stuff loaded with sugar/carbs, almost like to prove to myself that I can do what I want….it’s honestly fucked up. I don’t have to listen to myself, I can do whatever I want…screw myself. (See…..mental issues.)

It’s a form of self-sabotage and thankfully it hasn’t killed my entire progress…yet! I still managed to get a couple pounds down and be at my lowest so I have to get back up, get back on Sharketo and get the water weight that gained over the weekend back off and try to get some days/weeks/months of Sharketo in a row with NO CHEATS!

Hopefully we will get the final approval for house this week, having the closing early next week and then just focus the entire month of July on repairing, painting, cleaning and moving and stick with the plan.

I’ve had too much success to just give up at this point. I’ll punish myself tonight by eating an 80/20 hamburger with some bacon, mayo, sugar free ketchup and mustard…and some cheese! Yea, that should teach me a lesson….an amazing, delicious meal with about 2g of carbs.

See what I mean…no reason to NOT follow the Sharketo WOE.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

Jun 20, 2017 - Weight Loss    No Comments

50 lbs Gone

01.01.2017 – 440
04.17.2017 – 425
06.17.2017 – 390

On Saturday, I hit the 50 lbs. lost mark for the year! It was also June 17th, which was my two months on Sharketo- I lost 15 lbs. during the first 4 months of the year and 35 lbs. during the last two months- so it’s clearly working.

The problem is- since we were going to Louisville on Saturday and our son was going places with his aunt, we actually had a day to ourselves so I took another cheat day to celebrate- that turned into a cheat day on Sunday and then yesterday I almost made it but had to finish off the Jalapeno Puffs we had left over from Saturday. I’m not proud but I was celebrating and I’m still pretty damn stressed over this house- the setting and just waiting is NOT what I’m good at!

So- with all of that said- I’m back on Sharketo starting today and looking to go another 2 months or longer without another cheat day. I’ve got about 10 days to lose the weight I gained from my days off so I can be at 50 lbs. lost in 6 months. My goal for the next 6 months is to drop 75 lbs.

If we get the house, we will be spending a couple of weeks cleaning, painting and moving which should cause some weight loss and then I’ll have my Sharketo Dojo and should be able to get into a workout routine.

I’ve been aggravated or about a week or so – just from the buying a house process to trying to figure out what is Sharketo friendly for lunch WITHOUT being a salad or lettuce wrap- I can only take so many of those!

I think we got it worked out and I’m 99% sure we will get the house- I’m just not a patient person and wish we could just move forward!

I am still highly motivated and need to get back into my Sith Code state of mind!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

Jun 15, 2017 - Weight Loss    No Comments

Slacker Nation

I’m going to try to fix that- there are tons of excuses- from the stress of trying to buy our first house to the frustration of not having decent Sharketo friendly snacks to just flat out mood swings.

The other thing is that I just can’t get into the routine of taking pills in the morning- my vitamin, fish oil, collagen, etc. I forget and it drives me crazy! I’ve forgotten to take my magnesium the last few days and had leg cramps every night.

I just can’t seem to get into a routine and stick with it…however, that is the awesome thing about Sharketo…I’ve slacked but still stayed under 20g of carbs and I’m still right at 393 lbs so there hasn’t been any gain.

Tomorrow is grocery day so hopefully I’ll get back on track- get a bit more strict and try to figure out a way to ensure I’m taking my pills.

I have no doubt Sharketo works because I’ve done it and I do feel better but if you don’t get a routine down, it makes it really difficult and frustrating…work has even been extra crazy so I’m not walking as much either and I can tell a big difference in the days I don’t get to walk.

So….this is my notice to the #SlackerNation….I need to revoke my membership and get my shit together and get back to dropping weight like a mad man!

We are in the final stage of the house buying process, hopefully we will close in early July. If everything goes through then the next few months should show a ton of weight loss. We will spend July cleaning and moving and then, in August, I’ll have an “official” Sharketo Dojo with all my equipment together and a place to just burn calories!

Fingers crossed!

Love, Peace and Sharkness

Jun 8, 2017 - Weight Loss    No Comments

That Wasn’t Goodbye

…it was actually hello!

So, last weekend we decided to have a cheat day and kick ourselves out of ketosis and we did that for a few reasons. First, I wanted to eat Raising Canes…because I love Raising Canes, and second, I wanted to see how long it took to get back in and how it would affect my body, weight and to just experiment. Experimenting and find what works for you is the ONLY way to successfully do Sharketo; what works for me may or may not work for you.

The wife only take a couple of days to get back into ketosis and to get back to the weight she was at, while it took me about 4 days to start showing signs of being back in ketosis and I’m 2 lbs. above where I was the day before we loaded up on carbs.

Last Monday, the weigh in AFTER the carb upload, I gained 7 lbs. and had jumped back to 399 lbs and this morning, I’m back to 394 lbs and should be back to my lowest of 392 lbs either tomorrow or sometime this weekend and hopefully I’ll get lower before Monday…would love to be around 390 lbs. I’m still ahead of where I wanted to be at this time and that is with all of the added stress of trying to buy our first home…a house that is beyond PERFECT for us and what we want! We’ve gotten passed a few hurtles and there are only two things left and then we will hopefully start moving in July! (One of the hottest months in KY…woo hoo!)

If everything goes well, I will have a dedicated spot to call my Sharketo Dojo- a place to be away from everyone and just work out- I have enough equipment to make a gym. I have the bike for cardio, boxing, kettle bells, free weights, an all-in-one weight bench/home gym, a stepper, heavy ball and yoga mats. It will be a great place to just blast some music and have no distractions. If it falls through, we will honestly be devastated- we’ve already put tons of money into the process- time, stress and just trying to make sure everything happens the way it needs to; fingers crossed.

So, in closing…please understand that if you screw up and take a day off and know yourself out of ketosis, you don’t have to say goodbye to this lifestyle- you just pick up the next day and move on and never think about it again. You HAVE to make this your normal way of eating 99% of the time- it has to be your normal. Eating Oreos or Raising Canes can’t be your normal- those things have to be saved for special occasions, breaks or just a celebration.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

Jun 5, 2017 - Weight Loss    No Comments

So Long… 

… And thanks for all the fat.

The wife and I are no longer in ketosis and it showed!

I’m using my weight on Monday mornings- regardless if I think it’s water weight or doesn’t really reflect reality and, today, I’m up 6-7 lbs, which I know doesn’t really tell the whole story.

Sharketo is about learning what works for you- testing, researching and trying out stuff to see how your body is going to react; you can’t just hop on a Facebook group and ask –“what if I do this…?” because we are all different and our bodies react different. (however, there is a “normal” reaction that you can expect everyone to share.)

We had decided to have a “cheat day” on June 17th, which would have been our two months on Sharketo but we moved it up a week. On Friday night, we had a couple cookies from Kroger…they are chocolate, caramel and nut and they are AMAZING! We would get them every Friday, when we got groceries and we haven’t had them in almost two months- that was a success…trust me!

Then, on Saturday, we went browsing for some things (INCASE we actually get our house!) and we decided to have Raising Canes (another favorite) –nothing is Sharketo friendly there but it’s still amazing; I finally got to try those new Caramel M&Ms and we ended our binge with some Oreo’s. (the M&Ms were a letdown, just FYI.)

Now, to truly gain 7 lbs, based on science, we would have had to eat 24,500 calories…which we didn’t…and that’s why that science is flawed.

We did go from eating 15-20 carbs per day for 7 weeks to eating several hundred carbs in one day.

We tested ourselves with those keto pee strips that the “keto elitists” will tell you are a waste of money and guess what- they showed exactly what we knew…not a trace of ketones…nothing…no change at all, yet the few days before they changed super dark.

The pee strips may not be perfect but we just proved that they are a decent way just to let you know and now we know. Yesterday, I had 1 net carb and 7 total carbs.

So…here is what I learned –

Eating a ton of carbs is going to make me gain weight (probably water weight) but it will make that number shoot up. I need to plan a day every couple of months to eat whatever I want, enjoy life and expect a higher number. I need to understand that if I go back to eating that way daily, I will gain all of my weight back within weeks and probably then some- this has to be lifelong.

I also think that some of the claims by people on the internet (mostly Facebook groups) are way over exaggerated! Those cookies on Thursday night still tasted as amazing as ever! Raising Canes was still incredible and I didn’t “crash” or get sick. Yesterday, I didn’t have a problem getting right back on Sharketo due to overwhelming cravings, I didn’t get deathly sick. I did notice a little drop in energy but that’s about it.

I think a few people my experience crazy things but most people use those things as scared tactics…either for others or trying to fool themselves. People carb cycle and it doesn’t kill them- they have cheat days and they don’t die…trying to make Sharketo permanent is going to have to be a choice and it has to be something I can live with.

Never having Raising Canes is NOT something I can live with…only having it every few months is.

This week, I’m going to be super strict and keep those carbs and calories low- I’m going to be doing my walking and exercising as much as I can and, I have a feeling, I’ll see a huge loss next Monday.

Now, for anyone who cares – we sign the final house loan paperwork today, there is a huge inspection tomorrow and then we have to worry about the appraisal. Once all of those hurtles are crossed, we should be able to call ourselves homeowners!

There is still a million things that could fall through- the house could be ready to crumble for all we know…but it’s looking good. Anytime we talk about it, we make it appoint to say “if we get the house…”- I realize that won’t really help the devastation if it falls through but it does help to keep it in our heads that it’s not our house yet and there is no guarantee.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness