36 Hours??

February is coming to an end and that means another fast- I’m trying to end every month on a fast so I can start the next month fresh and ready to go.

I did a 24 hour fast at the end of January and then I did a 30 hour fast in the middle of February just to do it…this time, I’m going for 36 hours- which will be the longest one I attempt…I don’t see a point in going longer than that.

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Shark Eggs

I’ve used 2018 to push myself and to prove that I can do thinks I never thought I could- I’ve done a few 24 hour fasts, I did a 30 hour fast, I rode 20 miles on the bike in one day, I’ve worked out for 6 weeks without missing a single day or making lame excuses and I’ve withstood temptation when it was right in my face and I did NOT give in.

Next week, I’m going to push myself again to do something.

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I went over my 20g of carbs yesterday for the first time in 2018 and I blame Nyquil 100%!

I ended the day with 10g net carb but I’ve been having some issues with sleeping due to snot and sneezing. I’ve done it every night for about a week now and I just needed to get some sleep so I took a dose of Nyquil. Most people on keto for a while knows exactly where this is headed…but you learn and adapt as you go and I learned last night.

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