Backwards Is Good

I have stopped the forward momentum…and the scale is now going backwards again.

Saturday wasn’t too bad….Sunday was terrible….I fought through Monday and didn’t screw up and now I feel really motivated- probably the bulletproof coffee that my wife made me but I’m jacked and feel good.

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Open The Door

14 years ago today my entire life changed…I’ve told the story a million times- now, it’s time for a new story.

I need to make one of those life changing events happen or there isn’t going to be much of a life left….I need to open the door and fall in love with Sharketo…health….weight loss….whatever you want to call it.

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It’s only a setback.

Kenya Crooks said something in one of his YouTube videos the other day that really hit home- stop saying that you failed and start looking at them as “setbacks”…a ton of setbacks but we are still trying and I think that is the key. I haven’t just given up and accepted being morbidly obese my entire life.

I always start off great but loss motivation, inspiration or let the stress of life situations just get me into a really depressed state of mind…I feel like I give up- even though I know I haven’t.

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Sharketo 2.0

Finding something that works is the hardest issue for my wife and I- Sharketo worked for a couple of months but then we bought a house and didn’t have time to put the work into fixing food at home and that has led to about 3 months off Sharketo and getting back on is really- REALLY hard! So, I guess staying on it is the hard part…I truly think we have found what actually works.

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Death of Sharketo?

No one reads this crap but myself (and maybe my wife, if the post isn’t in the Pokemon category)…so let’s get personal for a second- Sharketo isn’t dead but it is in a coma.

I have really huge mood swings- I go from being really happy and motivated to pretty depressed and it all revolves around my mom’s health, the news and life in general.

I do feel that Sharketo (lazy keto) is the perfect thing for me- I dropped 50 lbs. on it and was really happy- however, I think my food addiction is more based on emotions and control and less on the actual food. I use to think that I was just addicted to the taste of food but when you go on a diet where you can eat meat, cheese and bacon but STILL not stick to it, there has to be other issues and I’m slowly figuring those issues out.

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