New Schedule

I killed the first 6 months.

Then July was rough and August was just up and down but I’m finally on track in September….however, I lost 110 lbs in the first 6 months but only 10 lbs in the last 2.5 months… play time is over.

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Ya’ll Ain’t Ready

I get the same question all the time- how are you losing so much weight? I have people stop me in the halls and people have sent me messages asking me- I guess the weight loss is finally showing but the answer to “how” can be both a short and long answer.

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…an update!

Man…I haven’t updated in like a week!

Tons of stuff going on- getting tons of cards for Commons4Kids and finding groups of amazing folks to work with in the future. Getting everything set up to start streaming on Twitch and focus on Sharkfin Gaming.

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Look At Me

Last weekend was a disaster and I realize that and I’m doing my best to learn from it…I got back to Sharketo on Monday and I’ve been there ever since and I already have that “amazing” feeling that we know and love. If you have done Sharketo (or any form of keto really) then you know that feeling of just pure awesomeness- which is another example of the power that carbs, sugars, etc have over you….you allow yourself to screw up and eat food that isn’t even that good and lose that amazing feeling…just for that “hit”. There is honestly no fucking reason for it. Period.

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