The 7th week has been the hardest…by far.

I reintroduced stress and it shows- I’ve been hungry all the time, too much snacking, too many diet sodas and a weight gain of .8 lbs.

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Week 6 Complete

43 pages have been written…let’s see where the story is so far-

6 completed weeks.
40.2 lbs lost since 01.01.2018.
45.0 lbs lost overall.
9 lbs down this week.
6.8 lbs down in February.

I created a little challenge for me to complete this weekend- 30 hours of fasting and 20 miles on the bike and I completed it successfully and felt pretty amazing about it.

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Not that kinda bike…

Once a month my wife has to work a Saturday and I can do better with food when I’m on my own- which is totally different than before but it seems to work pretty well.

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