Fight Me

Sharketo is amazing because…it’s mine (and YES, it can be yours too!)

I got really tired of seeing people ask “is this acceptable” on all those keto theme Facebook pages- people that didn’t want to do the research themselves- the ones looking for the simple answer. They want people to tell them exactly what to eat and drink and exactly what exercise to do and that isn’t what Sharketo is about.

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New Schedule

Gained back the .4 ozs that I loss…this stall is going into its 4th week now and I have to do something before I give up- I give up too easily and I’m really trying to work through this but every time I think I do great and see that scale go up it’s like a failure…and it’s happening almost every single day.

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I decided to be 100% honest on here and to show the full story of a fat guy trying to lose weight. Most people see the before and after picture and don’t really the effort that goes into that “and”. This is the single hardest thing a person has to do and while sticking to the routine may get easier, the mental situation gets harder because the weight loss slows down.

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The Struggle Is Real

I’m sort of pissed….mostly annoyed and frustrated really.

I’ve hit a stall and I really thought this last week was going to be huge- I recovered from surgery and got my first week of my full exercise program in and ate PERFECT keto and gained .4 lbs. Not only did I gain though, if you go back and look at the last 11 days I’ve gained 5 of those days and I weighed exactly what I do now 9 days ago!

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Frustrating But OK

I decided to track my weight daily and write about my journey to show the world that weight loss is an exhausting, frustrating, annoying and difficult process. We see so many “before and after” pictures that people forget that just because you see the instant result with those pictures- the results are a roller coaster of ups and downs over a long period of time. Hopefully, about a year from now, you will see an amazing before and after picture of me but I want people to know it’s going to take me 1.5-2 years to get that damn picture.

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