All About The Numbers

Yes…I realize that getting healthy is about so much more than the numbers on the scale- non-scale victories are just as important and you can’t get too tired up in the scale.

While I understand that…I’m pledged to weigh myself every day for 365 days a year because the numbers to reflect what your body is going through and I’m learning that more and more everyday.

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January Is Over…Almost

Today is the last day of January…so what is my final weight for the month? Welllllll…that will actually come in the morning.

Here is how I am measuring amount lost. My end of January weight needs to be the same as my beginning February weight plus today isn’t over, who knows what I could do today. If I used this morning’s weight as my ending January and in the mornings weight as my beginning February- that wouldn’t account for any weight lost/gained on the ACTUALY final day of the month- hopefully that makes sense.

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Yep…I’m petty lost right now on what is exactly going on.

I was exercising last night and I stood in front of the mirror and thought I could see some changes, so I took some pictures to match my before pictures and I can see a difference. Yesterday I was at 407…I didn’t plan on taking progress pictures until Feb 1st but I couldn’t wait.

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Why Fasting?

Fasting is not a requirement to be on Sharketo (or any keto) and if it doesn’t work for you or just not your thing, that is fine…just don’t do it.

In this day and age of knowledge being ever where, things are starting to come out that we’ve been lied to about for generations. Columbus not only didn’t “discover” America, he was one of the worst people to ever live. Keto has been used for decades and it’s the diet most DRs put patients on before they have weight loss surgery to get pounds off quick but it’s just now really making it mainstream and that is because it goes against everything we’ve been told.

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