Let me tell you something brother, this all started back on January 1st right there in the world famous Sharketo Dojo, I told myself brother…things were gonna change around here. I stepped up and started taking my vitamins every day, cutting the carbs brother and posting more on social media for all the fans…from the oldest Sharkamaniac to the youngest Sharkster out there brother. Let me tell you something Mean Gene…I don’t care if I’m up against Andre The Carb Giant or The Ultimate Sugar Warrior brother…Sharky Hitchens is gonna take ‘em all out brother. I’ve been telling everybody what was gonna happen but no one believed me brother…but now’s the time….so…whatcha gonna do when Sharkamania runs wild on YOU!!! Brother!!!


You shouldn’t pay attention to the scale when you’re on Sharketo and here’s why.

Sharketo is just an adapted form of “lazy keto” that I’m personalizing for me but, from what I can tell based on my research, Da Wooooosh happens in all forms of “keto.” (most people call it whoosh but I’m going with Wooooosh because Ric Flair is the man! Wooooo!)

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Never Break

My biggest problem sticking with any weight loss program is the “breaking point” and I’m right in the middle of one now and it’s devastating. You have several of these points and they are usually when I give up and go back to my old ways and gain all of my weight back.

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Keep Writing

I ended my last post with something that I think deserves its own post-

“This journey is hard, physically and mentally and I’ve got a long way to go but it’s too late to turn back now- the book will be written either way.”

I’m looking at 2018 as a 365 page book with 12 chapters and that book is getting written either way- it can have a happy ending or a sad ending but, either way, it’s going to be written.

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Training Gets Harder

My goal is to becoming the first ever Sharketo Master and a big part of that is accepting the good and the bad and working through it- it’s all fun and games when you are dropping that water weight and seeing huge numbers on the scale. You stay motivated and inspired and you feel on top of the world…the true definition of “Beast Mode”.

Then week 3 rolls around and you realize that that training has just begun and it’s a long and hard road ahead.

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