Fully Charged

Tomorrow is my final surgery follow up but I can tell you now….I’m back to 100%. I feel great, no pain and I’m back into Sharktosis and I’ve got my energy and motivation back. I feel great and I’m ready to pick up where I was before my appendix attacked me and get back to making 2018 the best fucking year of my life.

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Life is different now- that is just a fact.

I feel different and I hear songs differently and I have this mentality that I “came back from the dead” and I’m using that to become a better person every single day. I keep listening to House of Pains “Back from the Dead” and it just motivates me. I have no doubts I was lying on my death bed but medicine, science and that surgeon saved me and gave me a 2nd chance…an extension on life and I’m not wasting it.

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Death Who?

Life changes pretty quickly..I went to bed on March 13th with some pressure- it felt like I needed to use the bathroom but couldn’t. I stayed home from work on March 14th and had pressure all day- I felt nauseas and dizzy and everything I found on the internet stated that it could be an impacted bowl. I had just finished an egg fast the week before and realized that I hadn’t had much fiber. I started taking some fiber gummies and continued to try to force myself to go number 2. I had a really rough night of March 14th but went into work on March 15th to enter my time but I continued to be extremely dizzy, nauseas and in a decent amount of pain.

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