Still Training

Sharketo training is hard. Dems R Da Facts.

We haven’t given up…I’ll never give up trying- we had three great days on Sharketo and I dropped 12 lbs of pure water weight and then we screwed up, which has led to a few days of screwing up. Yesterday wasn’t terrible but then my son had his first band concert and then we went to Wendy’s after and I just don’t want to pay that much for a burger without the bun because the bun is the best part!

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Not Dead Yet

I’m back…again…

I took some time away from writing and Sharketo and just went nuts and probably gained most of my weight back…as is tradition.

I’ll actually do my starting weigh in when I get home today- it’s exactly 14 weeks until my 40th birthday and I will have this shit under control when that day hits.

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I’m No Nicolas Cage…But

I was given this role…I didn’t play it.

We are all given a role when we are born- sure, your parents hopefully tell you that you can be anything you want and a very small handful actually change it but for the most part, we all fall right into place.

Some people move out of that small town and hit the big time…some try only to return and some just settle in with the thought that something like that is impossible.

When I was born, my parents lived in the projects…the ghetto…tiny apartments within the Housing Authority- whatever you want to call it- I called it Crescent Drive. I’m not delusional, it wasn’t anything like you see in the movies or the ghettos of huge places like New York- I didn’t live in fear of drive bys or getting robbed…BUT…I was placed into my role.

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Those Aren’t Brownies

My wife and I are trying our hardest to stick to Keto but there is one main issue…which is why I created Sharketo.

The issue is a lot of the people- they are simply full of shit…I think they truly mean well but stop lying to yourself. You will see folks posting tons of crap about “substitutes” because they are trying to find replacements for the foods they love…seriously- check out a ton of Keto recipes and you will see words like “tastes just like…” or “perfect match…”….WRONG.

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I’m Jake Paul


Or, wait, does that only work on YouTube….maybe it doesn’t work on “blogs”…you know the thing us old, ugly people do for “content”.

Either way, I feel like the intro to a Jake Paul Vlog…it’s lit bro!!

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