What’s Hapfining 04302018

Quick update since today is my weekly weigh in….not too much because tomorrow is my monthly weigh in, which is more important. I’ll do a “Cliff Notes” on the month over on SharkysWorld.com- you should check it out- if you don’t care about all the post, just catch up on the Cliff Notes.

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What’s Hapfining 04172018

Weight loss has slowed but it’s still there….I just gotta stay focused on how far I’ve already come. Huge thanks to my wife, Jackie, for supporting me and “talking me down off of the carb cliff”…still pushing forward. The best way to stay motivated is to look at some numbers.

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What’s Hapfining 011918

wanted to set one day a week to just ramble about stuff in my life, thoughts, opinions or just catch up on what’s hapfining in SharkysWorld and today is the first day. (Posting every Friday)

It’s already day 19 of 365 and I think I’ve been killing 2018- if I say so myself.

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