Welcome To My World…

…the world of Sharky Hitchens!

I’ve been called a “jackass of all trades” before and that seems to fit pretty well- I enjoy playing Pokemon TCG, gaming, writing, photography, bitching and trying to lose weight using a modified form of keto that I call – “Sharketo!”

My wife and I are becoming Sharketo Masters together and we are trying new foods- so I’ll also be posting recipes, product reviews and blogs about my personal journey. I want to show the ups and downs- not just the before/after picture. I’ve been trying to lose weight for years and I haven’t been successful yet…but I’m not giving up!

I realize that most of the people that come into my world are here for one specific aspect of it. So- it’s pretty easy to find what you are looking for over to the right of your screen.

The first set of links will take you away from this webpage and lead you to my Pokemon stuff, my charity, Sharkfin Gaming or social sites.

The second set of links are the different places you can visit, depending on where you want to go. Are you here for some Sharketo recipes, to see how my weight loss journey is coming or just looking for some cool poetry…daddy-o?

You can also buy some merch over there as well…because I’m a Maverick…I mean…a Sharkrick and you always gotta be plugging! Link in the bio and shit.

I’ve tried to set it up so you ONLY see what you want to see- most Pokemon fans don’t want recipes and folks trying to lose some weight may not care what my views on a certain Pokemon deck are…hopefully it’s set up easy enough for you to get to exactly where you want to be.

UPDATE: I added “Cliff Notes” for those that don’t want to read the entire weight loss journey but just hit the important parts.

Feel free to leave comments, ideas, opinions or email me at sharky@sharkysworld.com

As always…

Love, Peace and Sharkyness!