Prologue: 2019- Missing Link

Missing Link- a non-scientific term that typically refers to transitional fossils (any fossilized remains of a life form that exhibits traits common to both an ancestral group and it’s derived descendant group). It is often used in popular science and in the media for any new transitional form that is discovered.

Missing Link is what connects our past to our present and 2019 is going to be just that- I made huge improvements in 2018 and went through a Mass Evolution…I am no longer what I was- when you compare the me from the first of the year to the last of the year, you will see a completely different person all the way around.

But I’m not where I need to be and there is a ton that needs to be done to get to my “everyday” self- AKA- a state of maintaining my health and weight- never allowing myself to gain or lose much but continuing to stay in the same range, while improving my overall health.

I am not where I want to be and I won’t be there by 01.01.2019 but I do plan to be there by 01.01.2020. I started looking at years of my life as “books” last year because every day is a new page to be written. I’m not sure what my 2020 book will be called but I’m almost done writing Mass Evolution and I know that I still have about a year to really connect who I was to who I want to be.

2019 is going to be that link…the link that gets me from that 440.2 lbs unhealthy person to someone around 220-240 lbs who walks/runs 5Ks and exercises daily and shares recipes and focuses every day on being healthier- not weight loss.

2019 is going to be a year of learning more, doing deeper research, and hopefully, going from struggling to evolve to leveling out and becoming what I need to be…2019 is going to be that link- I’m going to still be a transitional form.

2019 is also going to link me back to my love of video games even more and less politics and negativity and bullshit around me. I’ve focused a lot of 2018 on doing what makes me happy and focusing less on the things I have no control over and that has been a huge struggle as well but I’m slowly getting there and I plan to get back to writing more, playing games and pushing negative situations (and people) out of my circle while filling those spots with people that want a better world.

Missing Link will cover that time period in my life that connects what “I started” to when “I become” what I want to be. I started 2018 with a two year timeframe of losing weight and being healthier and happier and 2019 is going to be that “-“ in the before-after of Sharky Hitchens.

Between a Mass Evolution and Speciation is the Missing Link and 2019 will connect those two.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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