I’m Back

I think it may be time to finally get back….our house is coming along nicely! Everything is basically done and we just have a few more boxes to unpack, then clean and we should be able to get back to a regular schedule by the weekend.

Today was our son’s first day of middle school and he is super chunky- like his mom and dad- and I know my middle school days were fucking hell…..beyond miserable because kids are assholes and we really need to make a change now.

We were doing great on keto…I’m still down about 50 lbs. so we need to refocus and get back to it…we took about 1.5 months off to get the house bought, moved, painted…do the kitchen floor, work on the basement but that is all done and it’s now time.

I don’t really want to die before I can actually enjoy the house that we literally just put blood, sweat and tears into!

Tonight, we are going out to celebrate our sons first day and having a final “carb loaded” meal and then getting back on it tomorrow…doesn’t matter that it’s a Thursday or that it’s the 10th….we can no longer keep putting shit off until Monday or the first…etc.

It’s going to be hard and it’s going to be a nightmare trying to get our son off of snacks and shitty food but we are going to have to battle through it so he can be successful.

There are going to be bad days, cheat days and days that we just fall off the wagon but there can’t be any more of this multiple day bullshit.

The Sharketo Dojo is ready and waiting….I’ve got another 150 lbs. to lose and I need to do it NOW.

Look for more recipes (we now have a fucking amazing kitchen!) and be ready for more updates!!!

ALSO…..Burning Shadows just came out and my son and I have already opened a booster box and several 3 pack blisters and the pulls have been pretty damn amazing!

Gotta get back to what is important in life….Pokemon and health.

Love, Peace and Sharkness

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