Looking Foward

“I’m going to be happier- overall” –Me (on January 1st, 2018.)

2018 has already turned out to be the single worst year of my life while also being a pretty fucking amazing one and we are now on page 288 of this 365 page book…right in the middle of chapter 10 with only 2 full chapters left!

I have spent most of 2018 pretty motivated…even through the near death experience in March of having my appendix die and then burst and almost take me with it. The DR told me there was a good chance I wouldn’t make it but I did…and I fought my way through a terrible hospital stay- got home, got better and lost another 50 ish pounds. I hit another rough patch in July when my mom passed away after about a decade of being sick and I lost a lot of motivation and really start slipping and having uncontrollable cheat days and I’ve honesty fought to really get back into it since then.

I’ve had great weeks only to go right back to a cheat day (cheat weekend) and it’s been up and down since then really but something happened and hopefully it’s changed things- the new 2019 calendars came out!

Wooo hooo…..doesn’t really sound like a big deal but it really hit me that I have 2.5 months to go and my overall goal was to drop 120 lbs and I’m right around that now- I did get as high as 127 lbs lost but the cheat days are catching up with me.

I need to get back on track now for a couple of reasons- I don’t want to screw up what I’ve already lost and how far I’ve come and I need to start planning for 2019.

Two months is nothing and with these months being the best time of year- Fall, Halloween, Christmas…it’s going to fly by and 2019 will be here before I know it. I need to go into 2019 lower than 300 lbs- there is NO question there…that is a must!

I need to start working on the routine now that is going to allow me to have the 2019 I want to have- I need to focus on where I want to be as far as healthy, family, social media, my website, writing…all of it. 2018 has been successful because I’ve had goals to work towards and while some have arrived sooner than others, I haven’t given up on any of them and I’ve hit most of them.

I got up at 5am this morning- I didn’t want too and it was hard as hell- but I did it and I hit the bike and boxing for 30 minutes. I’m back to doing IF 23/1 and we finally signed up for our 2nd 5K on October 26th. I’m going to celebrate my 15th year with my amazing wife on October 20th and then we are planning a SharketoGiving in November.

I need things planned down the road- things to look forward too and to work towards and that helps give me motivation. I also need to just make time for doing things that relieve stress for me- this weekend was spend mostly at home, doing cards, watching YouTube/Twitch or shows with the family and killing people on Black Ops 4.

I need to pack my day with so much crap that I can’t even think about food and I need to plan my food out so that my body knows exactly what to expect. We eat dinner about 5:30pm and then I can snack or have dessert or whatever until 6:30pm but that is it. Weekends are a little harder but I know where my weak spots are and I have to focus on those.

Eating bad food and going into a store with the mentality of “you can have anything you want!” is amazing but temporary. It’s an incredible high and stress reliever but it’s also addictive and soul destroying. I’ve come too damn far to just screw up now…now is the time I need to get even more into it and up my game. I need to tighten and go from “lazy keto” to “just a little more than lazy keto” and focus on the diet pop and sugar free candy and the cheat days.

The next week is going to be hell because I’ll be constantly fighting off carb cravings which I brought on myself but if I can just get through this week- I’ll be OK. I’ve got a little over 2 weeks to recover October and then I need to finish strong. My “goal” at this point is to get to 280.2 lbs by 01.01.2019 and I realize that is pushing it and if I don’t get there…it’s fine…I’ll readjust and keep going forward- that would be 160 lbs. lost in a year and since I’ve had such a rough last couple of months, if I go super strict then I could have another huge month, almost like when I first started.

I’ve got huge plans in 2019- hitting my overall goal of 200 lbs lost, riding my first roller coaster….maybe getting into XL shirts? Who knows where I can get to in 2019.

Mass Evolution is almost over and I can honestly so it’s been exactly that and I can’t wait to start writing on the second book!

Call this a “pep talk” to myself but I’ve got so many things I want to do and I’ve already gone farther than I thought I would and it can’t let that continue to slip away.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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