Christmas is my favorite time of the year…but when it’s over- IT’S OVER- and it’s time to tackle 2019 starting now…not on the 1st.

I had a major setback during my Christmas vacation- everything I learned over the year went out the window and I ate all the foods- anything I wanted, as much as I wanted and when I wanted and I set myself back a good week or two. I DEMOLISHED any hope of being at 299 lbs by 01.01.2019 and I’m fine with it.

I let emotions get the best of me and ate my stress/sadness away and used that temporary high to keep me happy- food is my drug of choice.

The old me would just screw it from this point on and use 2019 to gain all the weight back but not this time…I had the fun and now it’s time to shut that shit down.

Starting today, I’m finishing 2018 on an egg fast to try to get back where I was and drop as much weight as I can in about a week- most is water weight so it should come off pretty quick. Egg fast and cardio for the rest of the year and then back to Sharketo eating and a new exercise program and posting routine in 2019.

I may not be at 299 lbs when 2019 starts but I will be there in a short time and I will be staying there…plans are set to make 2019 mind blowing and none of that is changing because I took a small vacation from reality.

I’m not waiting to attack 2019 for another week- I’m in full attack mode NOW- as far as I’m concerned, Christmas is over and it’s time to get strict again and focus on where I need to get to.

The next holiday is Valentine’s Day and I’m not a huge fan of that fake ass holiday because it brainwashes folks and I try to show my wife how amazing she is daily…not just February 14th. The candy will be hard to deal with but I think I can do it…then my 41st birthday and the changes I’ve made compared to just a year ago is incredible and I’m not losing that due to a 4 day binge. 2019 should be smooth sailing until this time rolls around again and, hell, I’ll probably binge for a couple of days in 2019…why the hell not?

Life is good and I’m back on the grind. I’m going to fall in love with Sharketo all over again….eggs…eggs…eggs!!!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness (and eggs!)

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