What I Did…

… not what I’ll do.

I’m back! Again!

This is day 3 back on Sharketo and I feel great and I’ve decided to stop talking about all the shit I’m going to do or the big plans that always fall through- I know what to do day by day to be successful so I’m going to start doing that- recapping what I did- not making plans of what I’m going to do.

Got everything out of my system and restarted on strict Sharketo Monday- made it through Monday and Tuesday with NO DIET SODAS or sugar free candy! Did some boxing on Monday and Tuesday and then walked almost 14,000 steps yesterday with the first day of 5K practice to get ready for The Color Run on June 29th.

I’m down 5 lbs and the struggle to reach 299 lbs (again) is officially underway!

I also did IF on the last couple of days and got a TON of trading cards sorted which really helped keep my mind off of food. Things are falling back into place and I feel like I can make it another long stretch.

Roller coaster is 52 days away and, in weight loss, that isn’t a very long time but I really think I can reach under 300 lbs and then some before that big day.

I’m either going to fit or be embarrassed/lose a ton of money- so it’s a win/win. If I fit, then I have a great time and do something I always wanted to do- if I don’t- then it should be enough to push me harder to recover from it.

Either way, it’s happening. If I don’t fit, I’ll spend the entire day walking and exercising and showing myself what I could be doing if I stop screwing up.

No more big future plans and shit…focusing on what I’m doing TODAY.


Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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