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Friday we had to be in Lexington and we were trying to do something cool and still stay on keto so my amazing wife looked up keto stuff in Lexington, KY and she found a couple bakeries that offered keto awesomeness so we picked one and decided to try it out.

Maybe we just don’t fit in at fancy places in the big city of Lexington or maybe we just aren’t flat out idiots—OK—I mean, we had to be idiots at least once so I can write you guys this review but it will NEVER happen again.

We walked into Gluten Free Miracles around 10:30am and the lady working behind the counter was very friendly and helpful. They didn’t have what we came in for though- they promote a keto brownie that looks amazing but they didn’t have any of those…at 10:30am…so that was a bit weird.

Honestly, they didn’t really have much “keto” stuff to choose from- looks like they had a ton of gluten free, organic, all natural type stuff but the keto choices was greatly lacking. With that said- it’s still a bakery that had SOME keto stuff so that is a positive! I mean, it’s not named Keto Miracles.

We decide to get a chocolate cream cheese muffin and two different types of keto cookies. The prices weren’t listed for these very small cookies and a pretty small muffin but the menu board had some prices with “keto items vary”.

Cool….maybe $4-$5, which would have been insane but worth it to at least try some cool keto stuff. We head over to pay and it was OVER $10!!!!


Two very small cookies and a pretty small muffin and it was OVER TEN DOLLARS!

That there is enough for us to NEVER go back because that is beyond insane…it’s flat out mental to even think about it- even now!

My wife and I have tried several dessert recipes and I do fully understand that keto ingredients cost more than the normal crappy stuff but NOT $3 or more for a very small cookie!

FINE….I paid the $10 (over actually), picked my jaw up off of the floor and headed out to the car to do some taste testing.

I will say here that the lady was EXTREMELY nice, friendly and willing to “chit chat” about keto and stuff like that and, while that was a nice little surprise, it was NOT $10 nice.

The first cookie was a basic chocolate cookie with chocolate chips that she said was 1 or 2 net carbs- I don’t fully remember because it wasn’t listed. I remember two things were 1 net carb and one was 2 net carbs.

This cookie was OK….tasted just like what we have made at home and that is what we were wondering- would something “professionally made” be better than what we made and the answer is NO- it tasted about the same.

The second cookie was like a butter/short bread type cookie with a strawberry and chocolate drizzle. The cookie was pretty good…but, again, nothing special or different then what we could make for WAY less.

Finally we had the muffin (really a cupcake)- and I will say that this thing was AMAZING! It was moist and delicious but it was around $4-$5 and that is just MIND BLOWING! It was pretty thin and not much there- almost bite sized really (two bites since we split it).

This place is great if you are extremely rich with money you just want to throw around…if you can afford a very small $3-$4 cookie…then go for it!

We can not.

While it’s great that little places like this are popping up, it’s also hurting the situation. People already claim that doing keto is too expensive and when you have these people trying to milk the keto tit for all its worth- it’s both a miracle and a curse. (see what I did there…)

The place was easy to find, clean and super friendly…but really small.

The cookies were ok but nothing amazing and nowhere near worth the money.

The muffin was incredible but clearly the food of rich men and not middle class folks like us.

We tried it and won’t be trying it again.

To their credit- the lady did say they make amazing pizzas but we did not have time to fill out the loan paperwork to try one.

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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