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Open The Door

14 years ago today my entire life changed…I’ve told the story a million times- now, it’s time for a new story.

I need to make one of those life changing events happen or there isn’t going to be much of a life left….I need to open the door and fall in love with Sharketo…health….weight loss….whatever you want to call it.

I did that with my wife- one event made me an entirely different person- it change my entire path and kept me from facing the darkest timeline. I can only imagine where I would be now if she hadn’t been the one standing there when the door opened. It was an automatic change in my thinking- my wants, desires and what I wanted for my future.

I went from being a bachelor, dating girls and not wanting anything serious to dropping everything in my life and completely devoting everything I had to this one person. A month later I moved to a totally new city and just put everything I had into it and I need to do that again.

I need to just DO IT….put 110% into it, go with it and give it everything I have…I truly wish it was as easy as it sounds. Falling in love with my wife was the easiest thing I have ever done because it just happened…instantly….my entire life literally changed in the blink of an eye.

Cravings, the love of food….old habits…they don’t just change like that…but how amazing would it be if they did?

This change is going to take way more effort and focus and I don’t have huge amazing boobs to help…well, I mean, those are still in my life but they aren’t going to help this situation.

I need to fall in love with the process and make it as easy as loving my wife is…I need to wake up thinking about it and go to bed and dream about it. I need it to be the thing that keeps me going through the day and gives me something to look forward to- a big bun-less cheeseburger or bacon….just like my wife’s amazing booty does.

I know, it’s a weird way to look at it but my wife is the only thing that has every truly changed the course of my life- I know that every little decision we make changes our path but nothing has ever been as life changing as opening that door and I truly need that….

”help me Sharketo…you are my only hope.”

14 years ago….my life changed and I need to be able to say that again 14 years from now.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

(Note to self- come back and read this often…daily if you have to…keep it fresh in your mind that THIS is that moment.)

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It’s only a setback.

Kenya Crooks said something in one of his YouTube videos the other day that really hit home- stop saying that you failed and start looking at them as “setbacks”…a ton of setbacks but we are still trying and I think that is the key. I haven’t just given up and accepted being morbidly obese my entire life.

I always start off great but loss motivation, inspiration or let the stress of life situations just get me into a really depressed state of mind…I feel like I give up- even though I know I haven’t.

I always want to be honest when talking about the weight situation and sometimes I see it as a form of slow suicide because I’ve watched what my mom has gone through over the last decade and I do NOT want to be in that situation- dying would be better.

The problem is, I’m realizing that it’s killing me but like it says…it’s doing it slowly and I’m starting to notice things that make me think if I don’t do something now, I will end up like my mom and I just can’t do that.

I need to get back to the sleep apnea doctor and get my CPAP updated and I need to get back on Sharketo- I’ve still been walking and my childhood asthma has come back- I get a really bad tightness in my chest, shortness of breath, coughing…and that is just from a 15 minute inside walk…I have no doubts I couldn’t ride my stationary bike like I used to and that scares me a bit.

I don’t think that quick heart attack is coming…but more of a slow suffocating and painful death like I’ve watched my mom go through and I have to do something.

I have to recover from the latest setback and surge forward. Last time I dropped 50 lbs. in 3 lbs but just stopped…AGAIN….it’s the same bullshit over and over.

I haven’t gained it all back yet but I’ve gained a lot and I need to get refocused…if I can do 3 steps forward and only 1 step back- I will eventually get somewhere but if I allow myself to keep taking more steps back then I take forward, I don’t have a chance.

Tomorrow is the 14 year anniversary of when I first met my wife- I’m going to enjoy the day and make it a starting point….if I can focus for one year, I will have a much happier 15 year anniversary and be in a better place.

I write about it…I start it…I do amazing and then I just stop. No explanation or reason…I let one day turn into months and months.

I recognize that and I need to focus on it…..I just walked and I feel like shit and I need to remember that because it’s only going to get worse from here if I don’t do something about it.

Let’s Go Sharketo!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Sharketo 2.0

Finding something that works is the hardest issue for my wife and I- Sharketo worked for a couple of months but then we bought a house and didn’t have time to put the work into fixing food at home and that has led to about 3 months off Sharketo and getting back on is really- REALLY hard! So, I guess staying on it is the hard part…I truly think we have found what actually works.

Most of my issue is in my mind and all about control, which I’ve written about before…and I’m trying to handle that by slowly making changes back into Sharketo instead of just doing it overnight. We’ve eaten at home the last few days and we are trying to get more Sharketo friendly foods…but we’ve had some stuff we shouldn’t here and there as well and, hopefully, those non-Sharketo foods will get less and less.

The biggest problem is listening to everyone else’s views and opinions about Keto…which is why I created Sharketo- we needed to find something that works for US. There is just too much crap out there from the Keto Elitist- you can’t have this, you can’t have that….that fits into your MACROS but it’s made with a bean from South Africa that once gave a person the flu so that means it could cause cancer…you know…shit like that.

Then you have your Alt Sugar Nazis- (get it?) I know…that isn’t a great word, but it does fit. We realize you need to greatly limit your sugar but then you start trying to use sugar free things and people lose the damn minds because it’s got this or that sugar substitute and that will give you cancer or strep throat or some ignorant shit.

When you get down to it- “true” Keto is basically some meat and some select veggies with high fat butter- throw in the fact that it must be grass fed animals and all this other crap and it just turns people away because it’s ridiculous.

This is why I created Sharketo….it’s not a diet fad but the way my wife and I want to try to eat regularly- a lifestyle- it’s the things that we try and have worked; not just some stuff people on a Facebook page said or argued about because that is really what most Keto Facebook pages are and that just kills it for me. It’s the one reason I haven’t been able to get back on track and I feel like shit.

SO……we are going slow but making process- more water, more vitamins, more Sharketo friendly foods and less of the bad stuff…but not just quitting the bad stuff instantly, because that just doesn’t work for us.

The plan is to soon be back to 100% Sharketo friendly foods with some exercise in the Sharketo Dojo and focusing on other activities like writing or playing Pokemon to replace the mindless eating.

It’s not easy…it’s fucking hard but we have to try and have to get to a point of moving forward instead of this constantly eating as much bad stuff as I can fit into the shopping cart.

We can do this, if each day gets a little better…a little less eating at fast food places and a slow change to sugar free stuff.

We did this before and were highly successful and felt really amazing…but food is an addiction…it just seems the more addictive stuff is loaded with carbs and sugar and I know it was purposely created that way- that doesn’t change the fact that it’s an uphill battle.

But I want to post about the “true” journey…to show the real struggle…I’ve been fighting this my entire lift with HUGE victories and even bigger fails. I don’t want to be a before/after picture on Instagram…I want to show people what it’s really like between those two pictures.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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YouTube Star?

Those that know me know that I love YouTube- #Logang4Life. I have several favorites from folks like Logan Paul to DramaAlert to Billy the Fridge to Boogie2988 and even Philly D! (Plus several Pokemon players as well – YellowSwellow and Omnipoke)

I sometimes get the question- why don’t you have a YouTube channel…well, I do…but I haven’t really posted on it for years and probably never will and that reason is very simple – “I have a face for radio and a voice for blogging.”

I’m not attractive and I sound really stupid…so I post the written word instead. (I don’t have an editor so it’s usually pretty bad- from grammer to just using the wrong word.)

See what I did there….

Well, how will you ever reach your goal of being famous????

That is the key- I have no goal of being famous- I have a goal of being heard and letting others out there know that there are people that see the world the same as they do. I remember going to church as a kid because not believing was never an option for me…it didn’t think it was an option for anyone.

Not standing for the anthem? Speaking your mind? Not believing in fairy tales? Thinking Cubone could be an amazing Pokemon? I didn’t realize a person could do ANY of that when I was a kid and that is a huge regret for me.

I also write because I enjoy it, it helps relieve stress and it puts someone out there that doesn’t fit in line with your social norm and it allows for others like me to feel more comfortable speaking out.

The final reason is pretty simple- blogs make us smarter. Just watching stuff on tv/YouTube is making us dumber- me included…some videos are full of valuable information but most are just of idiots blowing money on stupid stuff- money that could be used to make the world a better place- and we mindlessly watch…like I said, me included!

I think writing/reading is good for the world…speaking your mind is good for the world….being YOU is good for the world and this is a way for me to offset some of the ignorance that fills my head from other places.

I don’t want to brag but I can honestly say that there are people all over the entire world that know who I am based on my charity work and I would much rather be known for that. From most states to Japan, Australia, Italy and the United Kingdom!

I do get a lot of comments from people telling me they enjoy some of the stuff I write…or it’s well written or well said and that makes me just as happy as being famous…if I can do that without an editor, wonder “how much gooder I could writez” if I had one?

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Death of Sharketo?

No one reads this crap but myself (and maybe my wife, if the post isn’t in the Pokemon category)…so let’s get personal for a second- Sharketo isn’t dead but it is in a coma.

I have really huge mood swings- I go from being really happy and motivated to pretty depressed and it all revolves around my mom’s health, the news and life in general.

I do feel that Sharketo (lazy keto) is the perfect thing for me- I dropped 50 lbs. on it and was really happy- however, I think my food addiction is more based on emotions and control and less on the actual food. I use to think that I was just addicted to the taste of food but when you go on a diet where you can eat meat, cheese and bacon but STILL not stick to it, there has to be other issues and I’m slowly figuring those issues out.

I don’t like to get too personal on here but just know that my mom is really sick and has been for about 8 years; it’s like a roller coaster, only the “downs” are when the DR tells you that your mom won’t live past the weekend and then a few weeks later she is eating popsicles and making jokes- it’s been to that extreme about 6-8 times and it really takes its toll on a person. Even on her good days, she is in an enormous amount of pain, can’t move herself and can basically only stare at a wall and then she gets rolled over to stare at the other wall…it’s not much of a life. The issue is in my head 24/7 and, at times, it can get really overwhelming and I just turn to food and here are the two main reasons I’ve come up with –

1.      I’m trying to commit a slow suicide. I know that sounds like I need some serious help but the longer the situation goes on, the more I realize that life isn’t beautiful- it’s brutal and painful and since we all die anyway, sometimes it feels like sooner is better.

2.      Control. This is a weird one but the more I focus on my weight, the more it pops up. I’ve been trying to think about what I’m feeling and why I’m eating every time I eat and it’s usually control. We were really poor, on food stamps and government help when I was a kid- all the way up until the day I moved out on my own and, even then, I was poor…we are still poor but doing better than a lot. I never had the freedom to walk into a store and buy anything I wanted and since I literally have everything I could possibly want, I turn to buying food. When you go on a diet or new way of eating, there are foods you “can’t” have and I think that is a huge part of the issue- I recognize that feeling I get when I walk into a store and tell myself that I can have ANY food in that place….ANYTHING! I go overboard and get this and that and those and the feeling is better than an orgasm. I’m not trying to get nasty on ya, just saying…it’s an amazing feeling…that then leads to crashing afterwards….then regret and then I start over again. That is addiction.

Right now, I seem to be at a good spot…I’m realizing the issues and hopefully it’s not too late to tackle them…I really want to get back to Sharketo and start using my awesome gym I’ve set up and get back to really “feeling” good but it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I know people get tired of riding on my roller coaster with me and I’m really trying my best to get off it.

I watch Boogie2988 and he just had weight loss surgery and I’ve always told myself I just won’t do that but it’s crept into my mind…I’ll be 40 years old in about 6 months and if I’m not on track by them, it could be a real option…but I don’t want to get to that point.

Boogie said something that really hit me….you can be overweight due to food and lack of exercise but when you get morbidly obese like I am (400 plus), there has to be something bigger…it’s not just that you eat too many calories, there has to be an addiction, emotional issues…something pushing you to basically commit slow suicide and until you understand that, you won’t be successful.

I’ve never quit trying…for the last decade…I’ve had some big success and even bigger failures but I’ve never just given up totally and I don’t plan to ever do that.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness