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Atkins Bars

Let’s try out some Atkins “candy” bars…are they Fintastic or Nah?

I’ve tried to lose weight every way possible…and my last attempt was to load up on protein, so I was trying to force myself to eat protein bars and OMG…most of them were nasty and I mean flat out gross! I tried using protein powder for shakes and would lie to myself…”yummy…this chalk is so good!”…and then literally gag as I drank it, so I was already giving these “bars” a strike one just because of what they looked like and where Wal-Mart decided to stock them.

We picked up two boxes to try out- Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll and Caramel Double Chocolate Crunch.

We actually decided to try one in the car, the wife and I split one- we went with the Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll first and OMG!!! It was almost identical to a Snickers! And, on top of that, the MACROS weren’t terrible. 

Now…I didn’t take a picture of the nutrition values because they are all a bit different and I will tell you, these are what keto elitist call “chemical shitstorms” and their heads would explode if I knew that I was telling fellow Sharketoers to try these out…but screw ‘em. You can check them out at your store and look at the box and compare which ones may work for you.

These things are amazing…but, like with anything, they don’t need to be a daily treat and the amount of times you have them should get less and less as you go until they become something equivalent to going out to dinner or something.

After trying the two flavors we got and absolutely loving them, we tried the Coconut with Almond…hoping it would taste like an Almond Joy…but it didn’t. I’m not a huge fan of coconut to begin with and that one was really dry but still delicious…just not our favorite.

The Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll is almost identical to a Snickers and doesn’t have a fake taste…the Caramel Double Chocolate Crunch is like a bunch of crunched up cookies mixed with caramel.

Sharketo is about making changes slowly and adapting while using common sense….you are an adult and should know that you don’t eat a box of these a day. The sugar alternatives could make your weight loss stall and there is a lot of ingredients that just aren’t good (natural) but they aren’t going to kill you as a candy bar replacement from time to time to allow you to truly feel like you are cheating when you aren’t. My wife and I do a lot of shopping and the best part was always spending tons of money on candy and, during the first month, I really missed that…every time we went shopping and headed back to the car without candy to munch on caused a lot of mind games because I was so used to that.

The price seems a little pricey, around $5.50 or 5 bars but when you think about the price of candy bars these days…it’s really not that bad at all…PLUS…a box of 5 should last a single person about 2 weeks or longer when you only eat them as a little treat.

These things are definitely FINTASTIC!!!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Shark And Bake

One of the problems on Sharketo is finding that CRUNCH! We found quick way to add it to things and give it that “fried” feel…you could to this with chicken and get the feel of having fried chicken but we decided to throw it on some pork chops and it was amazing!

It’s really pretty simple- crunch some pork rinds up, dip the pork chop/chicken/etc into the egg to get a wet coating and then roll it into the pork rinds and back at 425 degrees for 15 minutes and then turn them over for another 15. (Chicken may take longer to cook.)

The pork chops had a great outside crunch and they were super juicy and amazing inside.

The secret is, we added flavoring to the egg before you dip the pork chops/chicken, which gives it a nice flavor glaze- this time we used Brown Sugar Bourbon seasoning with no carbs.

You could also use flavored pork rinds like BBQ or Hot and Spicy or any type of seasoning- the pork rinds didn’t really have a flavor and it honestly tasted like BBQ Shake and Bake- which is loaded with carbs!

I know we didn’t invent this recipe but it’s actually something we tried and will continue to do so I wanted to share it!

You do need to remember that it’s no carbs, decent fat but a lot of protein so add something with fat to even things out.

Love, Peace and Sharkness

What Is A Month

I had official weigh in’s on Mondays….so this Monday was the 4 week mark…but I started on April 17thand todays is May 17th….so which should be considered “a month”? Is 4 weeks a month or is it from date to date?

On my 4th week weigh in, I was up 2 lbs.- I didn’t agree with it but I figured it’s because I had gone over my calorie goal and fat goal on Saturday and Sunday with a ton of snacking and I just didn’t feel like I could stop eating.

Then, yesterday, I was back to 403.8…which is exactly where I was last week….so that 2 lbs gained was gone.

Last night…I was STILL at 403.8? All the food and water from the day hadn’t added a single ounce. I mowed last night which is the most exercise I’ve gotten all month- it about killed me but I got it done and I was wore out!

My calories yesterday were perfect and my MACROS were perfect….I woke up this morning and BOOM!!! Under 400 lbs for the first time in a while…BUT….

…there was a problem- the scale said anything from 390 to 401. I usually weight 3 times and take the 2 that match because there is always a small difference but this morning, I just couldn’t get the scale to decide. After several attempts, there was one number that it landed one twice…so I’m going with that one. We just put a new battery in not too long ago so I’m not sure what was going on…however, I’m going with the number I got twice!

I started Sharketo on April 17th and it’s been a month (or has it?) I was weighing daily for the first month but only counting my weights on Mondays. Now that I’ve had a huge weight loss the first month…which was expected, I’ve decided to not weight again until June 17th…which will be really hard on me but I need to do it for my mental stability.

 I know that the 2nd month, the weight loss will drop drastically and it will fluctuate up and down by huge numbers and I just can’t go through that roller coaster…that is what always leads me to give up.

Today’s number may be a few lbs. of because I’m not sure what to believe…however, I’m going with it…ending the month on a high note and going into the 2nd month with some motivation!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

What Is Sharketo

That’s simple….it’s keto with Shar in front of it…but it’s so much more than that.

I started the keto lifestyle on April 17th, 2017 with the hopes of losing a few pounds and I went all out- I started watching YouTube videos and doing research and trying to figure out what I could eat and what I needed to do.

I joined Facebook groups to get valuable information from people doing keto and that is where Sharketo was born- I got so many conflicted opinions that it almost made me just give up and go back to killing myself slowly…then I decided to take keto and make it MINE.

Everyone is different and the exact plan usually won’t work for the same two people and I understand that…I got tired of people telling others what THEY could eat and what they couldn’t and if you didn’t agree with specific people 100%, then they would be snobbish and try to tell you that you weren’t doing keto…but that is their opinion.

Keto is pretty simple – the ketogenic diet is a high fat, adequate protein, low carbohydrate diet that forces your body to burn fat instead for energy.

With that said, it can also get really, really complicated and that could scare people away…throw the rude know it all’s in there and some people may give up…well, those people can come over and do Sharketo with me! You don’t have to do keto perfectly to do Sharketo…you just have to make better changes through research and adapting to what works well for you until you eventually find that sweet spot.

Sharketo is basically keto….only with a learning curve! You don’t have to be perfect when you start Sharketo and you can screw up and make mistakes and even eat the wrong thing and no one is going to yell at you.

My wife and I made huge changes and we still needed some things that “keto elitists” describe as “no-nos” or “chemical shitstorms” and that is because these folks don’t understand that if you do a complete change, overnight, it’s probably not going to stick. I am NOT telling you to go out and eat all the sugar alcohols or eating process food is good for you….I’m saying that if you need that stuff to make the change easier…to slow into it and make long last changes- then go for it!

So…we cut our carbs way down but we still eat some Atkins bars that may contain specific alternative sugars that cause your insulin to spike and YES…that may stall your weight loss but, at first, it’s fine and you adapt and change as you learn more and figure out what works best for you.

Sharketo is keto…without the assholes.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Miss tacos on the keto diet? We’ll…you don’t have to!!!

There is a better “taco” out there! My wife saw this idea on Pinterest and then we added some stuff here and some stuff there and came up with Sharkos! Don’t just eat boring ol’ taco’s anymore….

So, basically, these are just taco shells made out of cheese!!!

The first time we made these, we did the same process only we used provolone round slices- overlay the slices a bit so that the two circles form a bigger oval, cook…hang and boom! I think we all agreed that using the provolone was better (than the cheese we used last night)- the taste was a little better but it seems to have a lot less grease and stayed together a little better.

Last night we used a Mexican blend with cheddar and nacho cheese but you can use any type of shredded cheese for this! I think we may even try shredded mozzarella and then use a little red sauce with some pepperonis, hamburger, olives, peppers, onions and make pizza Sharkos!

There isn’t really much of a recipe for the Sharkos…you just use ¼ cup of cheese and make a circle on the pan and cook for 7 minutes or so, at 350 degrees. The cheese melts, gets all bubbly and a little brown on the edges and then you take them out and hang them over something that will form them into shells.

The wife cut squares of parchment paper for each Sharko which helps when you “hang” them. Once they form the shells, you can just slip the paper out. We used clothes hangers to hang them up and then a pan to catch the grease as it drained off.

It worked perfectly!

While your shells are cooking, you fry up some crumbled hamburger, like you would with normal taco meat. I’m not going to go into detail because I’m not a chief- if you don’t know how to fry taco meat, then Google it J (even I can do it though, so it’s not that hard.)

We had a hard time finding a pre-made taco seasoning that didn’t have a ton of carbs, so my amazing wife came up with her own!

Sharkette’s Internationally Famous Low Carb Sharko Seasoning

1 tbsp Chili Powder
1.5 tsp Ground Cumin
.25 tsp Garlic Powder
.25 tsp Onion Powder
1 tsp Black Pepper
1 tsp Sea Salt

This makes 8 servings-

5 Calories
.9g Carbs
.2g Fat
.2g Protein

You mix all that in with your hamburger and cook it up.

Then you build your Sharko with the hamburger, lettuce, sour cream, taco sauce and you can even sprinkle some more cheese on top for a little cheese on cheese action!

These things are amazing!!!!

Of course, remember….anytime you are removing carbs from a recipe, there is a good chance you are adding calories because you usually use cheese or almond flour and low carb things seem to be higher in calories. (side note- if they are removing fat, they are usually adding sugar.)

Here is the breakdown –

757 Calories
4.3g Carbs
60.7g Fat
47g Protein

That is for 3 tacos with hamburger, shredded lettuce, sour cream and some cheese.

They are pretty filling, taste amazing and the calories aren’t terrible….especially if you are doing intermitted fasting. The MACROS are 2C/73F/25P which is almost PERFECT keto MACROS!

If we reviewed these for our Fintastic or Nah section, they would definitely be FINTASTIC!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

PS… Yes, I’m aware there are no pics of the finished Sharkos… I literally attacked them before I remember to take a pic…. That ARE that good!!!