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Bacon Jerky

You guys every seen Bacon Jerky??? Some favorite foods on keto is bacon…and jerky….and now, it’s TOGETHER!!!

Time for another Fintastic or Nah?

We were looking for some decent jerky to snack on, which isn’t as easy as it seems because most jerky has sugar and a little more carbs than I’m willing to waste. I’m staying around 15-20 for the day, so giving up 8 on a few pieces of jerky just isn’t worth it…however, we found this stuff and it has 2.5g carbs for half of the bag (which isn’t exactly full) but it seemed like a decent snack for the wife and I, while we were out shopping.

This stuff is made by Jack Links and claims to be 100% Real Bacon and that is basically what it is!

It’s basically a bag of bacon but not amazing bacon…sort of bacon that you cooked a few days ago and left in the fridge and it lost it’s crispiness and some of it wasn’t cooked long enough and it was more “fatty” pieces as well. We weren’t really sure why it was considered “jerky” and not just a bag’o’bacon.

The taste wasn’t great (like I said…old bacon) but it wasn’t terrible, because…HEY…it’s still bacon!

The other problem is the serving size…2.5 servings, who the hell wants half of a serving of old bacon? If you are splitting this as a snack, it throws everything off because you are actually getting 1.25 servings. It’s pretty easy to scan into MyFitnessPal and just change the serving size to 1.25 to see what you are really getting but that is beside the point…make servings sizes EVEN!

SO…here is the breakdown of 1.25 serving-

150 Calories
2.5g Carbs
10g Fat
13.8g Protein

This doesn’t exactly fit into keto MACROS- for this, they are 6C/58F/36P which is way off- you would need to add a cheese stick or something to up the fat grams and even things out.

On top of that, it just wasn’t much food for the MACROS.

Add the fact that it wasn’t great, doesn’t fit into keto MACROS very well, and was about $4 for the bag, which was less than half of the way full, it’s not looking great.

So- Fintastic or Nah?

A big fat NAH! It wasn’t even close!! The only good thing about this stuff is that it’s still bacon and even a small amount of highly overpriced, old, undercooked bacon is still, technically bacon.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

One Month

Today is ONE MONTH since stating keto….so let’s break it down!

Week 1 – lost 12.2 lbs.
Week 2 – lost 4.8 lbs.
Week 3 – lost 5.0 lbs.
Week 4 – gained 2 lbs.

Total lost – 20 lbs.

I’ve dropped 20 lbs. in a month and, honestly, I haven’t really done much exercise. I did morning fasted cardio last week but didn’t do it this morning because I was just wore out and slept late. I have been walking 3 days every weekday for a total of 2.5-3 miles and I’ve been playing basketball with my son for about 30-60 minutes- almost nightly.

That huge weight loss the first week was mostly water weight and my body adapting to such a huge change- we literally went from eating hundreds of carbs per day to about 15, overnight.

This 2 lbs. weight gain was almost expected- your body has to sort of level out AND we have already slipped a little.

We haven’t had any cheat days and the highest my carb intake has gotten is around 25g (20g NET) so I haven’t went over carbs yet and, based on the pee strips, I haven’t gone out of ketosis yet…however, we’ve slipped on the snacking, high calorie meals and going over in calories and fat.

Losing weight with keto isn’t just about carbs and, if someone tells you that, I truly feel they are wrong.

You have to find a balance with your MACROS and calorie intake- I was due a week of no loss or even a gain and add that with the slacking and boom….2 lbs. gained.

It’s all good though…I’m not complaining; I’m still way ahead of where I wanted to be- I feel great and still enjoying the food.

With one month down, it is time to change things up a bit though….less “fancy” meals and back to more basic stuff. Less snacking throughout the day…less of the sugar free candy/bars, etc and adding the exercise. All of that combined should get me back to showing a loss for a few weeks.

I’ve been wanting to add exercise the last few weeks and either just flaked on it or thought maybe I should wait until my first initial weight loss slowed so I could “flip the script” and that time is now!

The other change is that we started taking Fish Oil and I’m almost out of my GNC Mega Men multivitamin, so I’m going to switch it up and start taking ALIVE for Men, at the recommendation of YouTuber – Goody Beats.

I’m not expecting to drop another 20 lbs. in this 2nd month but I am shooting for 10 lbs.

The scale is my constant battle right now and the plan is to not weigh again until June 17th (2 month)…it will be a struggle but I think it will help focus me.

Hope everyone else is killing it!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Quest Protein BBQ Chips

I see a ton of folks on YouTube doing food reviews and, sometimes, it makes me want to punch them.

You will see them setting there, opening up a product and then eating/drinking it and you get to just set there and watch them chew or swallow- usually shaking their head up and down and making stupid looking faces like their taste buds are putting on a show. I usually skip to the middle so I don’t have to watch that crap.

I don’t think people want to watch you eat or drink….they just want to know about the product and what you thought of it- there is no need to video that, unless, it’s for a weird food eating fetish porn site…but then again, they probably don’t really care about the MACROS though.

So….since the wife and I are trying some new things and changing everything about the way we eat, I wanted to review some of the new stuff we are trying.

First up- Quest Protein Chips! (bag looks rough because we rolled them up and tried them at two different times…to be scientific and shit.) 

This is the ONE thing I’ve actually been missing, hitting up the store for a big of chips…we just can’t find a good replacement. I saw someone talking about this and I had really high hopes. I did some researching and found that our small town Wal-Mart actually carried them and there is a reason why we never found them- they are in the weight loss pill section of the pharmacy!

I have no interest in weight loss pills so I don’t really go into that area much…I figured chips would be with chips…but NOOOOOO!

We also found some Atkins “candy bars” which I’ll do a review of later.

We picked up BBQ flavor and Sour Cream and Onion- we’ve only tried the BBQ so I’ll break this up into two reviews.

The first thing I noticed was the $3 price tag and this wasn’t a full sized bag of chips, it’s one of those little bags like you get in the checkout lane; the little $1 bags of Lays…1 1/8th oz or 32 grams. Don’t be deceived…the bag is barely full so I can tell you now, unless they taste like chips dipped in solid gold, they are overpriced for me.

The bag says there is 21g of protein and only 2g net carbs with 4g fat so the keto MACROs aren’t there either…but they are soy and gluten free! (woohoo!) The bag also says that these are “chips, evolved!”…they claim to “completely change the chip game” and that “Quest has finally made a delicious, crispy chip that lets you #CrunchClean.”

Well…now I’m pumped up!!! They done changed the chip game playa!!!

We popped the bag open and they smelled amazing! They look like Lay’s Baked Chips but, sadly, they do not taste like them…nor do they taste even close to a potato chip.

At first, they taste like eating crunchy air covered in BBQ sprinkles…then they have the feel of wet thin cardboard, like the back of a notebook…not that I’ve ever eaten that. Then they have a bad, chemical type after taste.

We ate a couple to get the full feel and flavor and quickly realized, not only were they already almost gone but there were only a few “chips” on top and the rest were really small crumbles.

This could just be the way the bag was handled during shipping/stocking, etc…maybe the chips got crumbled but there were seriously only 5-6 actual chips.

We honestly ended up throwing the rest away- Quest hasn’t changed the chip game; they didn’t even make it to the playoffs- these things are terrible and way overpriced.

Fintastic or nah?

These are differently – NAH!

Don’t waste your money on these things and if you are someone who likes them- you may need to make a DR appointment because your taste buds have a terrible disease.

I’ll write up a little review for the Sour Cream and Onion once we try them, but after this bag I’m tempted to just throw them away.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness


….well, not yet…but soon!

It seems I’ve spent most of my life trying to hit that 399 lbs. mark and I’ve done it several times, only to gain it all back plus some and head back to the drawing board.

I’m 2.5 lbs. away from that mark again…so what makes this time different?

Back in 2006, I reached 295 lbs. (starting from 412.8 lbs.) and I was the lowest weight of my entire life but I was doing a “diet” and I was trying to force myself to eat stuff I didn’t like and even though I was at my lowest weight, I was probably my unhappiest. I’ve been with my wife since 2003 and we had our son in 2006 and life has been amazing since the day I saw her…but I was unhappy with my lifestyle and that isn’t a good way to live. I started slacking and it was quickly all over and I was back into the 400’s in no time.

Then I stopped and asked…how???

I tried several times after that…in Oct 2014, I hit 399 lbs. again….and gained it all back.

In July 2016, I again hit that 399 lbs. mark but I just couldn’t continue doing because I hated it and I quickly gained it all back and hit my highest of 440 lbs.

On Jan 1, 2017…I decided to try again because I’m no quitter and I lost weight again….only to start gaining it back- but this time, I caught it and fought my heart out and never let myself get over back over 425 lbs but I could tell that I was about to go over because I just couldn’t force myself to do that anymore. I was unhappy and I loved food too much.

I’ve always been against weight loss surgery and swore that I would rather die than take the route…however, once I started realizing I was losing control again, I started talking to my wife and considering starting the process.

My wife’s friend is going through the process and there is a diet that you have to do for a few months before they will consider you for the surgery and she was super nice enough to give us a copy of it….it didn’t take long to realize that it was keto.

My wife and I decided to try the diet because if I was going to get weight loss surgery, I would have to prove I can change my lifestyle.

On April 17th, my first weigh in was at 425.8 lbs. and I decided to honestly give this a shot…to learn how and why it works and to stick with the process. That was only 3.5 weeks ago and I’m down 23 lbs. and I’m no longer considering weight loss surgery….why? If I can lose the weight this way….then why would I even consider it?

I can say, this journey to that 399 lbs. mark has been, by far, the easiest and happiest I’ve ever tried! I get to eat the foods I love and there is a keto friendly version for just about anything you can think of. I don’t feel tortured or stressed and I’m starting to really feel the energy and happiness that comes along with keto.

This time is different because of the way I feel…so when I hit that 399 lbs. mark…I’m going to be extremely happy because I truly believe it’s the last time I’m truly over 400 lbs. and I don’t think I’ll ever return there.

This is a process that I can stick with, through the weight gain and through the plateaus because I don’t feel like I’m doing all this work for nothing and I don’t have to stress about the day I lose control- even if you lose control on keto…it’s not really losing control.

Everything comes in moderation but if you have that day where you just stay hungry all the time and you load up on eggs, bacon or whatever…you still haven’t added any carbs so the damage is minimal and you can just continue on….it’s amazing.

I’ve read stories where keto just doesn’t work for some people and I understand that it’s harder on women and I’m truly sorry for that because it’s not far and I hate shoving my success in anyone’s face that is having a hard time; but at the same time….this is a change that I’ve never felt in my 20+ years of trying to lose weight…it’s a process and lifestyle that I can truly embrace.

Best of luck to everyone!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

Keto Asshats

First… Down another pound!!!

Facebook can be such a great place and it can be such a negative place- it is what YOU make it. I’ve deleted people, removed myself from groups, unliked pages and done all that in order to get my feed where I want it.

One of the worst places on Facebook are the groups….any group…regardless of the subject matter.

I joined several keto groups when I first started this 3 weeks ago and I think I’m down to 3 groups that I haven’t either left or been kicked out of and that is fine with me, I have no problem weeding out the bad folks.

Like most folks, I searched for “keto” and joined the group with the most people…makes sense, right? We’ll that group turned out to be ran by a couple of lunatics. They weren’t so much about helping people as they were about trying to get you to pay them for webinars and classes and all that crap. I watched as the admins tried to control every single word that was posted, even in comments…if you DARED say something against them or even mention something that didn’t agree with, you got booted…no questions. People in that group were so scared, they would literally tag the admins and ask permission to post things- I guess they were scared because that was their only form of support and they didn’t want to lose it.

We’ll…that’s not me. One of the main admins made a post and I put a comment in and the comment was deleted and I was kicked in less than 10 minutes; I wasn’t rude…didn’t use bad language….just pointed out that the admins were rude sometimes and it was more discouraging then helpful. This admin had been doing keto for YEARS…considered himself a teacher of the art of keto and was charging a huge amount of money for learning material…yet he was fat!!!

Now, don’t go getting triggered there honey bunch…I’m not body shaming him…I’m simply saying that a fat guy doing keto for years probably shouldn’t be teaching others.

So…why should you listen to me and my advice? I’m still morbidly obese!!!

Well, you shouldn’t! Honestly, I’m not telling you anything…I’m simply writing what I do, what I eat and my thoughts on MY journey- I am not, in any way, telling you what you should or shouldn’t do. This is a personal journey and you can only become a keto master by adapting things to fit your needs to not only be healthy but also enjoy life.

I made another post on a Facebook page and it quickly got over a thousand likes and hundreds of comments…so many comments that the admins had to disable commenting on the post! 99% of the comments were positive and people thanking me or saying what most of us were thinking.

You have something in the keto world that are called “keto snobs”…I like to call them “the keto elitist” but either way, they aren’t really helpful…yet I think they honestly try to be. You have these folks who believe you should have zero sugar, zero fake sugar, only eat 100% grass fed, “clean” and organic. They come off smug and they feel like their way is the only way and if you aren’t doing it their way, you aren’t doing keto.

People, like me, who are just starting and making HUGE changes in their life don’t need these keto elitist talking down to them- that has been the ONLY negative or discouraging thing I’ve seen with this lifestyle…those asshats.

When you first make such a huge change, it’s scary because it really seems like there isn’t anything you can eat and if you listen to them, there really isn’t. They seem to eat the same exact things daily with no variety and their life seems to suck and they usually really haven’t had that big of a success.

I want to be the guy that goes from 440 lbs. to 240 lbs. (yep, still overweight) and I want to share what I’ve learned and how I did it but I also want to enjoy life.

The problem is, these keto elitist don’t understand that most people have common sense…and what I mean by that is, they aren’t going to buy sugar free candy and then eat the whole box because that isn’t healthy either and when I say that eating sugar free stuff is OK, I’m not meaning to make it your entire menu…but it’s OK from time to time to stop a craving and help you succeed.

Here is the perfect example – last night, my wife and I got a box of Atkins Carmel Peanut Rolls…which are basically like a mix of Baby Ruth and Snickers and they are amazing!

Now, this would cause a keto elitist’s mind to literally explode!!! You can’t have that “chemical shitstorm” on keto!!! They would just literally lose their shit! Then they would send me hateful comments and messages about how I’m telling people to go out and eat this crap…but I’m not telling you to go eat anything. I’m telling you that WE got them…we tried them and they are amazing. The wife and I split one and it seems to take care of candy cravings. Sure, it may have some unhealthy chemicals but how unhealthy is it going to be for me to lose the cravings fight and hit up the candy section and just go nuts?

Sometimes the lesser of two evils is the best way to go and, damn it to hell you keto asshats, I understand that you don’t have to eat either but it’s delicious and sometimes you need to enjoy life. Sometimes you need to make slower changes by adapting what you are eating.

Here is another example- you have some of these folks go nuts if you tell them you went to Wendy’s and got a burger with no ketchup/no bun; you’ll get “oh that food is so unhealthy, you are killing yourself…blah…blah…blah” Truth is, my wife and I were eating out about 8 times a week and cramming as much food in as we could and now we eat out once a week and it fits into our macros- so, sure, it may not be the healthiest but it’s way better than we were doing and I’m sure, with time, we’ll get better.

All that rambling to say this…when people make positive changes, don’t hit them with negativity. If they are making better choices, don’t complain that they aren’t making the PERFECT choice. Making better choices is the starting place….then you research, learn and start making better and better choices until you reach a happy medium where you can lose weight, get healthier but still enjoy life and come up with something you can live with. I’m still trying to find that place.

Back in 2005, I dropped 117 lbs. doing something I couldn’t live with…..and I crashed and gained it all back plus an extra 28 lbs. and it’s been there for over a decade.

Don’t be that person…and don’t be that person that discourages folks from trying keto…don’t be a keto asshat.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness