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Good News – Bad News

Good News – On Monday, my official weigh in day, I was down to 392.8 lbs…which is a loss of 33 lbs. while on Sharketo and 48 lbs. total. I’m still feeling pretty motivated, still enjoying the Sharketo lifestyle and still seeing decent results.

Bad News – Next Monday, I will probably be WAY up.

Not only have I been non-stop snacking (still staying below 20 carbs!) plus there is some stress going on in life right now. I think my calorie intake yesterday was around 2200…which is about 700 OVER where I want to be but man, I LOVE Nestle’s sugar free chocolate chips…and the new Chomp Beef Stick (made with only grass fed cows for all you keto elitist!)

Maybe I’m snacking because of the stress or maybe I’m just going to have an off week…I’m not sure.

So…on to the stress of the week.

I grew up in the project- on welfare and food stamps. I stood in line to get gov’ment cheese and those solid white cans of pork with just the black outline of a pig on them. When I started high school, my mom got on section 8 and we got to move into a house but when I graduated, she moved back to the projects. I moved out on my own- right into the projects (income based housing) and lived there until I met my amazing wife and we moved into an apartment together. Then we rented a duplex…then we moved into the house that we are in now and we have rented that place for about 8 years.

Yesterday….we signed a contract to make an offer on a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom brick home…to actually buy it and it be OURS. Now, there are a tons of things that can go wrong- the buyer could deny the offer (although it’s basically for asking price) or the house could not meet inspection/appraisal but whether we get the house or not isn’t really the issue- I mean, it’s the issue causing the stress because we both really love the house and it’s perfect for what we want. Not only is it 3 bedroom but a huge chunk of the basement is “finished” which is basically a huge 4thbedroom that will become the home off of Sharkfin, Inc and Commons4Kids.

There is also a basement that will become the new Sharketo Dojo as well…with room for my weights, boxing stuff, bike and exercise equipment…a place that I can go, anytime, blast some music and workout.

The house is perfect for us and if we get it…it will be amazing. If we don’t, it will be a little heart breaking but we will be no worse off than we are right now…still…buying your first home is pretty stressful.

The main issue I’m trying to lay out is- a boy that was raised in the project on welfare and food stamps has worked his way up to the point of having a nice car, decent job and making an offer to buy a home, of course…my wife and I did it together but the point is- you should always work your ass off to better yourself.

If we get to buy a home and we continue to bust our ass, our son will be in a much better place than my wife or I ever were.

Keep fighting guys!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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11 Years

I’m not a fan of wedding anniversaries and I’ve posted about it before on my personal Facebook- I don’t think it’s fair because I’ve been with my amazing wife for almost 14 years. Why do I have to lose 3 incredible years when someone asks us – “how long have you been married?” Well…technically, we’ve been married for 11 years and I STEEL choose her…hahaha….I’m fucking hilarious!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I would have married her the night we met and I mean that with everything in me; it was truly love at first sight; that is the day I truly feel need to be celebrated.

I was a single guy, had my awesome bachelor pad and was talking to a few girls at the time….the moment she left my apartment, on the first night we met, I stopped talking to anyone else- there was no doubt in my head that I loved her.

We moved in together about a month later and we’ve been with each other every single day since October 20th, 2003. There wasn’t really a rush to get married but I would have at any moment. She got pregnant and we got better jobs and marriage was perfect to start our family and get a nice little tax break. I mean, that is really all marriage is.

She had a Jolly Ranger in her mouth, pretty pregnant and we got married at the court house- we aren’t religious people. We had a big get together afterwards with fried chicken, friends and family.

It has been an amazing (almost) 14 years and while we celebrate 11 years of tax breaks today…I will always consider October 20th, 2003 the greatest day of my life….that is the day my life took a huge change and made me who I am today…I don’t even want to think about where I would be if she hadn’t come along.

There is one thing that is sad about today, when we got married back in 2006, I was A LOT smaller! When we met, I was huge…then, in 2005 I dropped 117lbs! I had started to gain some of it back thanks to pregnant Taco Bell runs and me just slacking, but when I look at the pictures…it amazes me. I was probably around 300-305lbs and I looked pretty awesome.

So today is a big day- I get to remember how lucky I am to have the most amazing wife in the world and I hit 395lbs. – I’m 100lbs away from my lowest, back in early 2006 and I have something to look forward too…getting back to my wedding day weight!

Tonight, we have a babysitter for our son and we are heading out to Buffalo Wild Wings….not even awedding anniversary is enough to take a cheat day….not yet. (June 17th is just around the corner!)

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Bit Annoyed 

…but I’m trying to stay positive- still 43 lbs. down from where I started so that can’t be a bad thing.

We know I failed at not weighing myself and, since then, I’ve been weighing daily and it’s doing what I knew it would- driving me nuts! This morning, I was basically exactly where I was last Tuesday which is annoying because I haven’t had a cheat day, haven’t screwed up and I’ve added a ton of exercise this week. I’m doing the bike for limited cardio, some kettlebell, boxing, weights and tons of basketball with my son and still…the same weight. I think it’s too early for a plateau but who knows…I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing until June 17th….then eat Raising Canes and start all over.

On a more personal note, the wife and I will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary this Friday but it’s not as big to me as it is to other people…my wife and I have been together for almost 14 years and I’m not losing those 3 years simply because we weren’t married; I literally would have married her the day we met…with no doubt.

The day I feel is more important is the day we met, October 20th and that is when we do the special stuff…this Saturday, we are going to hit up Jason’s Deli and have some amazing salads and then do some shopping around Louisville.

So…even though I’m a bit annoyed, I had some delicious burgers with bacon last night and I’m having my amazing lettuce wrap sandwiches for lunch, so I can’t complain too much…that’s why the Sharketo lifestyle is so amazing.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Scale: Friend or Foe

That whole “weighing once a month” thing lasted about 3 days…I just can’t do it.

We always say that the number on the scale shouldn’t really mean that much because you could still be losing inches or making other changes, or you could be gaining some muscle or retaining some water weight…but, truth is, I’ve been focused on that damn number my entire life and just “not worrying” about it seems impossible.

But it’s not all bad.

Last week, the scale showed that I had gained a couple pounds and I was a bit disappointed but expected it due to the amount I had already lost…this week, I’m down 8 lbs.!! Now, I’m probably not actually down 8 lbs….it’s showing that because last week’s gain wasn’t legitimate due to water weight or just normal fluctuation. However, I am going with whatever I weigh on Monday mornings so that is that.

I’m probably still going to obsess over that number and weigh myself every day or two but only really focus on what it says once a week- it is enough to drive a person crazy but it can also help motivate when you realize that what you are doing is working.

If you are following my journey, then you will know that this is what I also weighed on Wednesday, which was exactly 1 month from starting…but I’m still happy with it.

The family went out on Saturday to donate some trading cards (see Commons4Kids in the menu), to visit my mom in the hospital and then on to Lexington to get groceries. We also stopped a few places for some shopping and then hit up our favorite Mexican restaurant.

We sort of take the weekends off- we still stay below 20g carbs but usually eat some more calories and do more snacking with some sugar free candy/desserts as well. It still feels like a cheat day without really cheating.

I did amazing at the restaurant- I didn’t touch the chips, tortillas or rice and had the chicken fajitas with grilled shrimp and that amazing white cheese they use. After eating it, I was literally sick…which was AWESOME!

Normally, I would have helped eat 2 bowls of chips, most of the rice, the tortillas and all of the fajita stuff and still wouldn’t be as full as I was…so that is a good thing.

Yesterday, the wife made some amazing quiche muffins with eggs, cheese and ham and then she made some chicken chili type stuff without the beans and we threw some sour cream and cheese on there and it was amazing….and we finished it off with some keto friendly cheesecake with blackberries.

All that amazing food plus some sugar free candy and still where I was on Tuesday…so I couldn’t be happier- on other diets, “cheat days” usually meant adding about 6 lbs. and then you would have to spent most of the week trying to get that off before you actually got back to where you were.

Great weekend…but now back to schedule. Fasting until 12:30pm and having some lettuce wraps for lunch. Then my keto coffee…maybe a snack and dinner. Keep it under 1500 calories and HOPEFULLY finally get on track with the exercise.

I have weekly goals set up and, so far, I’m 13 lbs. ahead of schedule. I would like to lose 75 lbs. the first 6 months…150 the first year.

Last thought…we have planned to hit up Raising Canes on June 17th (our 2 months on keto) and enjoy the chicken, fries and bread and…yes….knock ourselves out of ketosis. By that time, we should be fat adapted and it shouldn’t take more than a few days to get back into ketosis. Some people don’t agree with doing this type of stuff but a big part of enjoying life is relaxing and doing something “bad” every now and then. I figure, if we eat over our carb limit 6 days a year and hit our target 359 days…we are doing pretty damn good.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

May 19, 2017 - Fintastic or Nah    No Comments

Atkins Bars

Let’s try out some Atkins “candy” bars…are they Fintastic or Nah?

I’ve tried to lose weight every way possible…and my last attempt was to load up on protein, so I was trying to force myself to eat protein bars and OMG…most of them were nasty and I mean flat out gross! I tried using protein powder for shakes and would lie to myself…”yummy…this chalk is so good!”…and then literally gag as I drank it, so I was already giving these “bars” a strike one just because of what they looked like and where Wal-Mart decided to stock them.

We picked up two boxes to try out- Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll and Caramel Double Chocolate Crunch.

We actually decided to try one in the car, the wife and I split one- we went with the Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll first and OMG!!! It was almost identical to a Snickers! And, on top of that, the MACROS weren’t terrible. 

Now…I didn’t take a picture of the nutrition values because they are all a bit different and I will tell you, these are what keto elitist call “chemical shitstorms” and their heads would explode if I knew that I was telling fellow Sharketoers to try these out…but screw ‘em. You can check them out at your store and look at the box and compare which ones may work for you.

These things are amazing…but, like with anything, they don’t need to be a daily treat and the amount of times you have them should get less and less as you go until they become something equivalent to going out to dinner or something.

After trying the two flavors we got and absolutely loving them, we tried the Coconut with Almond…hoping it would taste like an Almond Joy…but it didn’t. I’m not a huge fan of coconut to begin with and that one was really dry but still delicious…just not our favorite.

The Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll is almost identical to a Snickers and doesn’t have a fake taste…the Caramel Double Chocolate Crunch is like a bunch of crunched up cookies mixed with caramel.

Sharketo is about making changes slowly and adapting while using common sense….you are an adult and should know that you don’t eat a box of these a day. The sugar alternatives could make your weight loss stall and there is a lot of ingredients that just aren’t good (natural) but they aren’t going to kill you as a candy bar replacement from time to time to allow you to truly feel like you are cheating when you aren’t. My wife and I do a lot of shopping and the best part was always spending tons of money on candy and, during the first month, I really missed that…every time we went shopping and headed back to the car without candy to munch on caused a lot of mind games because I was so used to that.

The price seems a little pricey, around $5.50 or 5 bars but when you think about the price of candy bars these days…it’s really not that bad at all…PLUS…a box of 5 should last a single person about 2 weeks or longer when you only eat them as a little treat.

These things are definitely FINTASTIC!!!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness