The Plan…

It’s pretty simple- following an adapted version of “lazy keto” called Sharketo…which focuses on 20g or less of carbs per day with high fat and mid protein.
I use MyFitnessPal (the link is under LINKS in the menu bar)- feel free to add me.



1500 calories
Carb (19g) – 5%
Fat (117g) – 70%
Protein (94g) – 25%


1500 calories
Carb (15g) – 5%
Fat (90g) – 65%
Protein (94g) – 30%

The carbs that I did get should mostly come from veggies, etc

I take a multivitamin with added energy, B12, Collagen (for loose skin), Iron (due to a deficiency), fish oil and MCT oil for healthy fat and weight loss.

I also use “pre-workout” to help motivate me to get off my ass.

I tried the gym before and it was too intimidating and didn’t fit my schedule so I created the Sharketo Dojo…it’s got everything I need from cardio, steps, weights, boxing and loud music!
I am NOT a trainer but I’m trying to learn this stuff on my own- this may not be a great workout plan but it’s my starting point. I’m doing everything in sets of 1 for the first week, sets of 2 for the second work and finally sets of 3 after that. This plan will adapt and change from time to time based on what is working, what I learn, etc. This is just the base to start; based on the equipment that I have.

Cardio is mostly stationary bike/steps.

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